Sponored Post: Maya Brenner Designs

I've had a few opportunities to do jewelry reviews in the past, but I made the decision to decline most of those offers because the thought of me styling diamonds was too far-fetched for me since my style and budget tend to lean on the thriftier side. On top of that I'm rather simple when it comes to jewelry and can't tolerate anything too fussy on my arms and fingers, so I thought it best to just say no.

When the folks at Maya Brenner contacted me about a jewelry review, the same thoughts went through my head: this stuff is going to be way to fancy and there's no way I'm wearing it. But when I got to Maya Brenner's site, I was pleasantly surprised with the selection of pretty and simple 14k gold and sterling silver charm necklaces––which include states, countries, letters, zodiac signs, and more––that I agreed.

The Arkansas charm was an easy pick for me because it's home. I graduate soon and have been thinking a lot about what I'm going to do once I'm done, and the thought of moving keeps coming up time and time again. It's something I've been anticipating for a while, and though I'll miss home a lot, the thought of new experiences keep pushing me forward. I like my Arkansas necklace a whole lot right now, but I think it'll be even more special once I'm gone.

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