70s: denim & knit

70s Cardigan: c/o The Paraders Vintage
Vintage Skirt: Saver's
Blouse, Shoes & Coach Purse: Goodwill

We haven't had a proper winter here in the south this year. Some days have been cold and drizzly, but for the most part it's been a very mild chill. Most days have felt like early spring, warm and sunny and just right for an afternoon outdoors, and I've even been able to get away without wearing tights some days. I've enjoyed it for the most part, but it does have me scared to see what the summer will bring.

These photos are from one of those extra warm days. The Paraders sent over this cardigan a while back and I finally put it to good use with this denim skirt. I'm such a fan of 70s knit cardigans! They're so easy to wear and so cute. I had fun styling this one.

Photos by Corey!

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