Girl & Kitten

Winter break is almost over, and I haven't gotten any better at regular blog updates. Sorry about that. I don't have much of a desire for taking outfit photos anymore, except on certain occasions, and the truth is, I don't read too many blogs anymore either. It's sad in a way, but it's a separation I've been wanting for a while. There's lots of other projects I'd like to do with my house and things I'd like to create in my sew room, and I'd love to pick up drawing again, too. It's all a welcomed change. I still plan to post my work here when I have something to show, whether it's a shoot I've styled or photographed, or a dress that I've sewn. I know there will be outfits scattered throughout too, but for now I really want to focus on other things.

Today I'm sharing another set of Katy modeling Lauren Kemp's collection. It was all shot in what was Lauren's apartment (she's off to Portland now), and my kitten, Hank, who's now much bigger than he is in these photos (they were shot in October) made an appearance too. I think I have two more outfits to share from this shoot before I'm done (it was a long day), but the funny part is, I have another just-for-fun shoot with Katy later this week. She's just so fun to work with, and such a beautiful model!

Photos shot with vintage Canon TLB.

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