greens aw2011

I had another post ready for today, but a last minute change of plans turned it into a Sync article instead. It's good though, because now I can press forward with the article, which I was having a little trouble with before. I promise to share it in a few weeks, once it goes to print, but for now I'm going to be weird and cryptic about it.

I was short-handed on a backup post, so I freaked and went to a winter collection. As much as I try not to post winter collections in the grossest part of summer, this is what backup looks like. Plus, I'm really excited about this collection! It's from Argentinian label, Greens, which I also posted about in the spring. The good part about this label is that they're in the southern hemisphere, so all these pieces are on sale right now as they get ready for spring; the bad part is that they don't have an online shop!! What a tease, huh? It's pretty frustrating when you see something you love and can't even look at the price tag on it, but for some reason, I keep returning for inspiration. It's clear that they have an unwavering love for Brenton stripes, which may be the best part about them.

South America is a mystery to me as far as fashion goes, but Greens makes me want to know more.

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