The Rosebud Dress

Dress: Estate Sale
Shoes: Salt Water Sandals via Heel and Sole Shoes
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitter
Satchel & Fox Ring: c/o Romwe

I thought I'd never go back outside for summer pictures again for a while there. It was too hot. It's still too hot, but I realllly liked this outfit and thought I'd put a bigger effort into doing the photos "right"––whatever that means. I know that indoor house photos aren't "wrong", but they're just so easy that it almost feels like a bit of a cheat! And, I never like them as much as the ones outdoors.

The last time I wore this dress it was freezing outside! I picked Corey up on his lunch break and we headed over to the Mount Holly Cemetery, where we took so many of my other blog photos. I miss that guy. I haven't heard much from him outside of facebook, probably because he was mugged his first week there and they took his iphone and his wallet! Poor guy. That's what happens to us trusting Southerners when we head to the city. We're a little naive I guess. . .

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Amy B. said...

I had shoes exactly like that when I was five. Ah, memories.