Sponsor Spotlight: Romwe

I've got one more Sponsor Spotlight before it's back to the Monday grind, and this time it's about a cool site (that's relatively new to me) called Romwe, ran by a lovely soul named April. Her shop is packed with so many great shoes and skirts and bags and dresses. The one that stopped me in my tracks is this polka dot dress, mostly because it's white and reminds me of how I want to spend the entire spring and summer dressed like an Edwardian woman on the beach. So old-fashioned of me, I know, but I'm spellbound by that period. White dresses and boater hats, nothing makes me happier.

I'm reading a book now called The Age of Progress, all about the wonderful accomplishment that the world made from 1850 until the first world war. One chapter talks largely about the railroads and how vital they were to the people of the time. Once they were built to reach the seaside, resorts started popping up everywhere! Then "dressing (or bathing) machines" started popping up on beaches, too. The dressing machines gave the women a place to put on their bloomers, tunics, caps and high shoes. Beaches were packed in those days, everyone looking for a weekend getaway before returning back to their Monday grind.The video below, from the British Pathe website, gives a good glimpse into their summer days. Just click to play!


indie.electronic.alternative. said...

that was a pleasant little trip back in time. i'm a super modern chick but i immediately fell in love with that dress. it's beautiful!

Jo said...

The dress pictured is BEAUTIFUL! Love at first sight! Ahh! Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

I love the dresses from Romwe. Yours is particularly pretty ;)