5678 Vintage: Clutch Giveaway

Hi friends! Sorry to have disappeared so long. School is crushing me this week and will probably only keep crushing me for the next 19 days (yes, the countdown has started). I've got a lot going on as I try to wrap up the semester, so pardon my hiatus if I stay gone too long. Fortunately, I have a great group of sponsors to keep me going for now.

Kathy from 5-6-7-8 Vintage has a really great 50s clutch to giveaway this week. If you'd like to put your name in the pot to win it, just visit her shop and tell us your favorite item!

And also, because I'm feeling extra sweet, I'm going to keep the Bruklyn Belle Vintage/Huckleberry Vintage double giveaway open for just one more day. There are three prizes up for grabs there, so be sure to enter if you haven't. I'll be back tomorrow with the winner.


Alicia said...

What a special little clutch; the embroidery is to die for! My favorite item from her shop is this lovely skirt: http://www.etsy.com/listing/72799845/50s-style-printed-circle-skirt-size-s

SaraKate said...

What a pretty little clutch! My favorite item from her shop is

Thanks for the giveaway!!


Jenna Noll said...

I love the 70's floral print mini dress!



Erica said...

Vintage Romantic Ruffle Collar Blouse Size is beautiful!!

Amelia said...

the clutch is gorgeous! one of my favorite items is this dress: http://www.etsy.com/listing/72795431/50s-grape-print-day-dress-size-xs


SillyLittleLady said...

Cute clutch! My favorite items (I have two, i couldn't pick just one!) are the micro mini folk fish print dress and the yellow smocked mini dress :D

Grace B. said...

I love the Homemade Swirl Shift Dress.

Melissa said...

I love the 50's style printed skirt - http://www.etsy.com/listing/72799845/50s-style-printed-circle-skirt-size-s! It's very convincing...it could totally pass. I'd love to wear it weekly during my sick, sad recent 50s obsession!

Thanks for the opportunity!


Bryce said...

My favorite... the 50s Embroidered Floral Dress Size M.

It's so cute!


Alina S. said...

Beautiful. I also love her 80s floral sundress. Both items are must-haves.


vintageveggie said...

oh i love the homemade swirl shift dress.... all her vintage is so good!

ben+alex said...

so cute. i love it.

i also love your blog..new follower:)


ben+alex said...

my favorite is the vintage romantic ruffle collar blouse. so pretty!

Lauren said...

lovely bag!
I love the slouchy hand knit floral cardigan :)

Toyin O. said...

That is such a cute bag:)

Michal said...

Awesome. I love Kathy's shop (& blog)! The Pink Smocked Peter Pan Collar Dress is really cute. ^_^


blythe said...

I love this dress:


K. said...

Indian Gypsy Tie Waist Skirt is my fave from her shop! This clutch is soo lovely!

Luchie said...

I love 70's Floral Print Mini Dress


that dazzling clutch! that there clutch that is being given away is most definitely my fave ... :)

bargainbex at yahoo dot com

Connie said...

Love the giveaway clutch! & I love the 70s floral dress in the shop!

S. said...

Love this giveaway..
I follow you and in my blog you can find a little surprise..Hope it makes you happy!!



rebecca said...

i love the 80's lace up chocolate boots!
rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

Jannine said...

Love this dress
I imagine it would go well with my little brown leather backpack


Aliya said...

How cute is the .Hand Knitted Scotty Dog Jumper?! That's my favourite!!

Lovely blog you have :)

jennifer said...

what a beautiful clutch, thank you for the giveaway! my favourite item has to be this lovely dress: http://www.etsy.com/listing/65527536/50s-embroidered-floral-dress-size-m

Beta said...

This is my favorite!



xfoxglove said...

It was so hard to chose from all the dresses in her shop, but I'd go for the 90s Grunge Floral Mini Dress!

- Rachel