Three Beauties

Even though it's spring break and I should be getting tons of blog projects done, Corey and I got a late start to our photo-taking week. I was feeling sort of bad about it, so we arranged a meeting at the cemetery on his (early) lunch break this morning. It was nice. There were flowers everywhere! I straightened my hair (which I always sort of regret because it insists on staying curly no matter what) and dressed with a tad bit of inspiration from these girls.

I know it's not exactly summer just yet, but with temperatures expected to reach 81ยบ here today, it's hard not to be inspired by such sweet images. They were actually taken by one of my blog readers! I followed a comment she left to her blog where I found these beautiful tea stained prints. She took them with a 1925 box camera for her final project in advanced photography. Pretty good stuff, huh? I say she deserves an A. I'm nuts for the David Hamilton-esque subjects.
Photos by Julia Marisa!


nicole said...

These are lovely. Thanks for sharing. xo.

Meesh said...

Awesome pictures. I love old cameras. <3

Stef / Diversions said...

Very polished technically
and dreamy too :)

Fashionista on Tour said...

I love this look in pictures but I never seem to get it right...not sure why..

Where is the maxi skirt from your last post? I am searching for one like crazy!!!



Maja said...

Wow, love these!

<3 Maja

Amber Blue Bird said...

these photos are beautiful

Hannah said...

they are definitely lovely photographs!

Gayle said...

These photos are amazingly gorgeous! I love anything vintage-looking. :)

-Gayle (Pen&Ink blog)

Miss Jolie said...

Fantastic pictures !

Casie Jean said...

these are so delicate and lovely, exactly what I want my summer to look like. She is so talented, thank you for sharing them x.x.x
Casie Jean

Sandy a la Mode said...

these photos are soo lovely! and you are soo lucky to have such warm weather and be on spring break!!

ModeKarussell said...

Here comes an invitation to take part at my giveaway, darling. Hope you will ;)
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Karin said...

I just discovered your blog and it is the epitome of pure style indulgence...moving poetry

lush and marvellous...what is not to love

alexandra grecco said...

yea, these are stunning!



Jannine said...

These are dreamy.
Tumbld here

Holly said...

I can see why you'd find summer inspiration in these photos =)

The last photo is haunting.