Bands I Love: The Sandwitches

Like it is for most of you guys, music is a huge part of my life. For the longest time I've wanted to share some of my favorite bands with y'all, but for some reason I never seem to get it done. I'm afraid to say it'll be a normal posting thing because every time I say that I never follow through. Who knows how 'regular' it'll be or if you would even be interested in a post like this, but I'll be sure to share whenever it strikes my fancy.

Right now I'm head over heels for the San Francisco all girl band, The Sandwitches. I actually have been for well over a year now, ever since they released their first album, How to Make Ambient Sadcake. I wish my tongue was as clever as all the other music writers out there, but it simply is not. All I can say is it's good. Real good. It's a little 60s garage rock, a little country, a little soul, and a little old-time Americana, according to this guy. I'd fly to San Francisco to see them perform.

Their first album is my favorite, mostly because the other is an EP full of lullabies, appropriately titled Duck Duck Goose, and the other hasn't been released yet. The lullabies are great, don't get me wrong. My ears have given them a fair amount of my time, and I would highly recommend them to all my new mama friends out there without thinking twice. I've also listened to several of the tracks from their newest album, Mrs Jones' Cookie, too, and I do love it but I haven't had quite enough time with ityet.

They recently played a few tracks in a Berkley ladies restroom for the blog Echolake, and it just makes me even more excited for their new album!

"My Heart Does Swell" from Mrs Jones' Cookie.

The Sandwitches - "My Heart Does Swell" from Echolocale on Vimeo.

"Kiss Your Feet" from How to Make Ambient Sadcake.

A cover of Dumbo's "Baby Be Mine" on their Duck Duck Goose EP.

The Sandwitches - "Baby Mine" from Empty Cellar on Vimeo.

So, tell me what you think. Would you like to see more of my music loves? If not, we can stick to fashion. ;)


the morose bee said...

i saw dumbo probably 100 times a kid and that video still makes me cry.

okay now that i'm done being a baby..

love the band!

Bethany Kellen said...

one of my biggest regrets in my life is winning tickets to see the sandwitches, best coast and harlem in san francisco, and not going because i didn't have anyone to go with.

Louise said...

I'll have to get some songs by The Sandwitches, they sound pretty good. Thanks!

Stef / Diversions said...

Thanks for the introduction - awesome :)

New music is the most excellent way to start the day.. Baby Mine is just making me feel unusually mallow for a weekday starting in M. :D

Rachel said...

I'll definitely check them out now! :D

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I remember you posting the last video on your facebook last year or something. So cute. Love all of the vids though.

Honor said...

aw wow they're great, thanks for sharing :)

Diane said...

I bought the Sandwitches album a while ago on a whim while I gave it a listen at a record store's listening station...but I hate to say that it's been sitting on my shelf ever since. I do that all the time to many a-CD, though, so it's not a bias! This just reminds me to pop it in my stereo again because I do remember liking some songs.

Music is a huge part of my life, as well, and I'd love to hear about your music favorites. It's always nice to hear what fashion bloggers are into musically because I think both things are interconnected as we use them to express ourselves artistically and aesthetically.

Kitsune-kun said...

haha that picture of them is priceless.

Jason Lieder said...

Im digging the Sandwiches, she has a great voice. Also, the pics with the floral patterns are awesome. Thanks for posting.

Crystal Lee said...

I like em'! They're raw and sweet. more music is cool by me. Thanks!

Darcy said...

I love this band! I saw them in Austin last summer and they were fantastic. Also, the lead singer looks a lot like Laura Palmer's cousin Maddy..

kirst said...

i say power to the music!
love this post

kirst said...

i say power to the music!
love this post

kirst said...

i say power to the music!
love this post

Phily ☆ said...

I sang 'Baby Mine' at theatre school one summer, still makes me cry. x