Sponsor Spotlight: Vintage Urban Renewal

My latest Sponsor Spotlight goes to Vintage Urban Renewal! Vintage Urban Renewal is an etsy boutique that specializes in mod 60s, bohemian 70s, and retro 80s styles. Shop owner Michelle was so kind to send over a beautiful white chiffon dress last week –– I'm absolutely in love with it –– so look for those photos to pop up on the blog soon! She was also smart enough to request a sponsor interview which I had honestly never thought to do with my sponsors before. I think it's a mighty fine idea!

How long have you been selling vintage on etsy?
After buying and selling vintage clothing in our brick and mortar boutique for 5 years, I started selling on etsy a little over a year ago and have never looked back thanks to all the support and customer loyalty.

What's your favorite thing to look for at the thrift store?
That diamond in the rough, you know that piece that you have to rescue from the bottom of a pile or find buried in the middle of rows and rows of ugly dresses. It may not be made by a designer or in the best condition, but you just get this special feeling that it is unique and possibly handmade or one of a kind. People who shop for vintage, whether online through etsy or at thrift stores know what I am talking about.

Do you have any thrifting secrets you'd like to share?
Trust your instincts... Don't be afraid to buy something you like, even if you are not sure if it is vintage or may not seem worth very much. My best moments thrifting have been when I took a chance on a whim because I had a feeling about the piece. Sometimes mistakes turn out to be great REMAKES or learning experiences. You get better and better at it with time and you will see your certain style emerge. I have so many mistakes in my scrap box...one day I will be able to make a quilt for each one of my grandchildren.


Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

her stuff looks adorable i am going to check it out! :)


vintageurbanrenewal said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity to connect with your readers.

kay eh tea ei. said...

love it, really want that cardy! must have.xo.

Agne said...

I adore these boots!


KateLainey said...

Just checked out there stuff...so many cool skirts! Loving the 80's collection of jumpers and shorts!