Sponsor Spotlight: 5-6-7-8 Vintage

Today's sponsor spotlight goes to one of my favorite bloggers/shop owners, Kathy of 5-6-7-8 Vintage (which you may remember from this giveaway a while back). I discovered Kathy's blog sometime last year and was smitten from the beginning. It's full of the loveliest outfits and the best thrift store photographs––or as the English call them, charity shops and car boot sales––and her etsy shop is equally enticing. I guess I should have started by saying don't rush to her etsy shop looking for those backpacks because you're only going to be disappointed. They aren't there anymore, but they are amazing, right? I saw them in her sold archives and had to share them in this post to show the types of things that are constantly cycling through her shop. So many good things! Everything else in this post is still for sale, along with a ton of other great dresses and purses, too!

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Lindsay C said...

I absolutely love those bags!