Christmas 2010: The Gifts

I accidentally came across last years Christmas post in my archives recently. It was neat to go back and see all the gifts that I got, and I figure it'll be even neater in ten years when some of those gifts are novelty items! For that reason, here's a little recap of *some* of my favorite gifts from Christmas 2010.

Jewelry. All of these pieces are from my sister – we went all out for each other this year! Most of the things we bought were animal themed. There was an owl hat, a fox bag, a kitten shirt, a deer ring and notebook, a horse necklace, and a snake scarf. It's ridiculous how much we love animal prints and designs! 

Mad Men. Jake got me the first season for Christmas last year, and that's the only bit of Mad Men I've seen. I loved it so much, but unfortunately, we don't have cable so I haven't been able to see the rest. My parents were sweet and bought me seasons two, three, and four for Christmas! I'll have to wait until the summer to see season four. It's still on preorder!
Bunting. But not just any bunting. Bunting made of old maps! My sister and I exchanged wishlists via Kaboodle (I highly recommend the site for wishlist-makin'), and this was one of the items I had on my list. So happy she got it for me! It looks nice above my t.v.
Ladylike things to wear. My sister bought the collar from my Kaboodle wishlist, too. I'm so excited to pair it with my dresses. Most of the detachable collars I have sit tightly around my neck, so it's nice to have one to wear with some of my lower cut pieces, too.

The purse and hat were a gift from my Delightful Dozen Secret Santa, Jen of Jen Loves Kev. I was absolutely blown away by how well she did with my gift. How on earth did she find such lovely items that matched my taste so well? Bravo, Jen! I can't wait to style them for some photos. Thank you!
Ladylike things to read. The Encyclopedia of the Exquisite was a gift from Jake. We set a pretty low spending limit for each other this year, and I'm so pleased with what he got me. He said he spent three hours on Amazon searching for a gift before this 'similar item' popped up. I'm absolutely *in love* with it. I can't put it down! Let's hope for a mini review soon.
Family photos. One of the most heartfelt gifts I received came from my Mimi in Mobile. She knows how much I love hearing about my family history, so instead of getting me a gift, she took the time to scan in tons of old family photos. She sent the scans along with handwritten captions telling me who each person was. My favorite photo is the one of all the girls on the beach. According to my Mimi, three of the women are my grandfathers sisters.

What did you get for Christmas this year?

P.S. Congratulations to Samantha of A Glimpse of Glamour. You're the winner of the Paloma Vintage giveaway.


The Daily Fashionista said...

What a great Christmas exchange you had! The gift from your Mimi is by far the post spectacular. I love rifling through old family photos. And you will love the other series of Mad Men. Once I started I couldn't stop!

The Daily Fashionista said...


--I hate when I type the wrong words.

Cliff said...

that cute hat and vintage bag are the bests for me! :D you're so lucky Starr (I LOVE YOUR NAME!) u get many gifts, i get no gift at all, but last month is my birthday and I got so many gifts from my friends, until now I still consider it as a christmas gifts hehehe


Carys said...

What beautiful jewelry!! I really want some bunting too, it's lovely.
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

ClaraVivian said...

That hat is wonderful :) Hope you have an amazing New Year's!


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Family photos, bunting, animal jewellery... it's hard to decide what's the best!

I do love what Jen got you though! And the book looks amazing too... basically I'd take any or all of your Christmas presents!

Becky-May said...

wow lovely things! i like the jewelery most :)




Michal said...

Such lovely things! The purse & hat Jen bought you are gorgeous.

The family photos are such a perfect gift. (:

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

wow, jen pegged your taste perfectly! i love the hat and the bag.

Hannah said...

wow the gift from your mimi is so awesome and i absolutely love that deer ring.


Casie Jean said...

gahhh your christmas gifts were the best, if only I could train my family to get me such unique lovely things...and Mad Men on dvd...amazing xox
Casie Jean

Rebecca said...

You really lucked out on the christmas gifts this year! Whatr a lovely selection. Your secret santa purse is gorgeous, and the family photos are such a sweet gift.

HANNAH said...

Very jealous of your gifts!!!


Jenni said...

Your sister has great taste! I guess it must be genetic! :D Love the bunting, the jewelry, the hat... Everything, really! You're gonna love the rest of "Mad Men." :D

samantha. said...

Yahoo! I won! :)
I love the looks of that book your man got you! such a good choice! I NEED it!!!


Sarah with an "h" said...

These are all such awesome gifts! Thanks for sharing!


kathy said...

Ohh great gifts! I really like the animla jewellery- plus i'd love the mad men boxed set (i don't have cabel either) I asked my mum to knit me a snood for Christmas, it's so lovely and warm xx

kirstyb said...

i am still yet to pay any attention to mad men - i better jump on the bandwagon soon xxxx

Victoria said...

I love the hat and handbag, they are so very you! xx

Daniel said...
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La Rizada said...

if you like the encyclopedia of the exquisite, you might want to pick up the book "mr. wilson's cabinet of wonders." it's a truly strange, truly interesting book about how and why we acquire knowledge, and why we appreciate oddities.


Jessica Guzman said...

just reiterating the fact that you have the most amazing collars in the milky way <3