It looks like I've finally gotten away from all that obsessing I was doing over New Zealand and Australian fashion labels (I think Rhiannon got me hooked on that!). It's not a permanent switch, I assure you, but for now there's a lot of Japanese labels that have been catching my eye. I'm sure you've heard of MilkFed before, a clothing label started by my favorite director, Sophia Coppola, and one of her long time partners, Stephanie Hayman, back in 1998.

I used to go visit the MilkFed site on occasion, but the Japanese style was never really my thing. After discovering the Snidel line, I thought I'd revisit MilkFed to see if maybe this season clothes or styling had changed since my last visit. I was so pleased with what I found.
If I could read more on the website, I'd probably have a better understanding of the collection, but the only English I can see is the title of this collection. . . "The Vintage Hunt". There are so many cute jumpers and floral pants and a lot of the dresses are really cute too. I think my favorite is that beautiful stadium sailor coat!

P.S. This is sort of unrelated, but if you're a monster Sophia fan like I am, you might enjoy this 30 minute interview with her about her latest film, Somewhere. I watched it yesterday and really enjoyed everything about it.


MelindaJane said...

I'm in love with your blog theme! Very nice blog and outfits.

Maybe you would like to look at my blog? :)

Casie Jean said...

ahhh I love all these shots, and clothes. The color combinations are pretty much my favorites so its hard to go wrong. xoxo
Casie Jean

April said...

Oh thanks for sharing!

Christy said...

I like those pictures. Very nice lighting in them.
I may check out that interview.

Christy of Dress Rehearsal

Ella Press said...

Beautiful shots! Love the colour theme in them!

La Fille D'or said...

Lovely. I'm the same way about the Aussie and NZ labels. But- I also do love a lot of the Japanese lines.
I taught English in Japan for a bit and I really did love the everyday style.


The Owl Diary said...

I'd actually never heard of the label, but I love, love these pictures. ♥

Lucy said...

love these shots! so cute and pale - and I neeed to see that new film of Sophias!