Thrift Trip Magic

It's about time I did another 'thrift trip magic' post. I don't think I realized it until a couple of days ago, but these are my absolute favorite kinds of posts to do. I don't usually like to go back through my archives – I hate re-reading all the random things I talk about – but re-visiting my thrifted treasures always puts a nice big smile on my face!

I bought enough things at the last couple of estate sales to make an enormous post, but I decided I'd spread them out over a few days instead. Today I'm showing some of the prissier items that I picked up!
1. I found this magazine at a really great warehouse sale near the Capitol downtown. It's the same place that I found all those great items for my very first giveaway when my blog was in it's early stages. The couple that owns the warehouse has been holding a weekly sale once a month ever since the last time I went and I had no idea until I talked to them the other day. Unfortunately, this is the final week. A warehouse full of old Cosmopolitan magazines, photo albums, war jackets, and movie posters will be sold off to a pair of doctors who plan to use it as a warehouse for their software something-another.

I made off with a few special things and this magazine is without a doubt my favorite. I was very patient when I went, sifting through almost every publication in the building, making sure not to miss anything. My fingers were gray and dusty by the end. This magazine, Show: The Magazine of Film and Arts, was hiding under five other editions. As soon as I saw the cover, I knew it was David Hamilton! Two pretty girls standing in tall grass with pretty hats and an umbrella. I felt so lucky to have discovered it! I'd like to scan in the photos and small article from the feature soon.

2. At the estate sale I went to last weekend – the one where I bought the 60's coat and the kitty bag – there was a lot of really great vintage lingerie. Most memorable was this pair of rayon and lace shorts and a pair of printed cotton shorts with a matching cotton bra. The set instantly made me think of something a teenage girl would have worn at a slumber party, circa 1960! Unfortunately, it was one of things that I left behind on the first day. It wasn't there when I went back.

3. The headband came from the same warehouse sale as the magazine. I really don't have much to say about it other than the fact that I love it. It's simple and elegant and reminds me a lot of something a Spartan queen would have worn.

4. This was another dress I went back for on the estate sale discount day. It's got a few troublesome stains – please tell me your secrets as to how to get rid of those –  but it's such an exquistie piece with a great print and the most gorgerous flutter sleeves that I figured I'd at least attempt to rescue it.

5. The floral dress came from the same estate sale and has a few less stains than the other, but it's still in need of a little help too.

6. The last dress is without a doubt my favorite. It reminds me of the mustard-colored dress from the Orla Kiely fall collections, mostly because of the big velvet bow! My goal is to loose an inch from my hips so I can wear it for Christmas.


Rebeccak said...

Oh I love that big velvet bow!! Some great finds Starr. But don't loose hips! seriously - you look lovely. I know that desire to loose bits and pieces to fit into a particularly awesome dress. Why don't you try restiching the seams at the very edge of the seam allowance and unpicking the original seams? I have managed to get a few extra inches on a few dresses this way.

Rebecca said...

I like these posts of yours too. I love seeing the treasures you thrift, you always get great and unexpected things. That last dress is lovely.

Alicia said...

I love your thrift trip magic posts, too! You're always so lucky with your finds; I hope you'll show us a full view of that last dress. I have that headband - except I've been wearing mine as a collar necklace! It never even occurred to me to wear it in my hair. Durr.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, what lovely finds. I want that magazine!

Kathryn Heller said...

My sister uses Fels Naptha bar soap for all her stains - its also what she makes her laundry detergent with.

S + Y said...

These are lovely finds!!!!! Love the floral dresses!


Anonymous said...

I adore your finds!
I found a headband exactly like that at the thrift shop here in town a couple days ago, I must have dropped it in the store since it just vanished out of my hands. Now seeing this is crazy!

Pawi Macarena said...

heey taht pink skirt is so lovely!!!!!!! :)

Meggstatus said...

I am obsessing over that last dress. I can't wait to see the rest of it. It looks like you scored big time. I wish we had estate sales in california like that. I hope you're doing well.


Me said...

That magazine those are the kinds of things I love finding! the dresses are gorgeous I've been looking for a vintage 60's swimsuit I think it comes from watching all those gidget movies!

Tara Van Calster said...

wow that outfits are amazing, relly! and i like the last dress fot christmas :)
im following you and maybe if you want you can follow me to :)

Daria Hlazatova said...

beautiful outfits!)
i enjoy your blog a lot and tagged you in a question meme, i hope you have time to answer them questions :D

Rachel said...

Estate sales in Arkansas are a dream, I miss them so so much. Your finds are perfect, I love the first dress and the tap pants, envious!

Mamushka Marie said...

preeeeetty! love the blue floral number <3

Nicoline said...

Love your blog!! Please visit or follow mine:)

Penny Dreadful said...

That last dress is absolutely stunning.

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

Hey, I was just letting you know that I'm tagging you in my "Looks I Love" post today! Hope it's okay :]

Lizzie Prule said...

Great finds! Especially love that last dress & the bow just makes it perfect!