My estate sale sweater

 Vintage Sweater: Estate Sale
Vintage Swimsuit: Estate Sale
Skirt: Brown Bag Vintage on Etsy
Socks: F21
Shoes: Madewell
Petal Hat: Flea Market
Lace Tablecloth: Saver's

I was working on a 'thrift trip magic' post for today, but unfortunately the photos didn't turn out like I would have liked. What a shame too, because I shopped more this past week than I've shopped in the past two months combined! I'm excited because I got lots of great fall pieces for under $100. I think I ended up with something like 20 items – dresses, jackets, glasses, collars, headpieces – and if I can get around to it this weekend, I'll give the photos a second try.

One of the few photos that turned out from my 'thrift trip magic' attempts was the one of the sweater I picked up at an estate sale on Friday. I actually skipped French class to go to this sale because the preview email looked so good! I'm glad I did too, because an Aztec print sweater has been at the top of my fall wish list for a while now. This one is even better than I could have imagined. It's big and cozy, and the perfect thing to curl up in once the weather gets real cold. Plus, I love that the sleeves flare out at the bottom!

I had to go get some swimsuit photos for a project that I'm working on – I'm lucky it was warm that day – and this is what I wore on my way to the river's beach. I really didn't put much thought into the outfit since it was just a cover-up for my swimsuit, but I'm glad Corey took a photo of it. I actually like how insanely quirky it is!


VanilahFashion said...

Ohh I'm in love with this sweater!
Infact, I'm in love with your whole outfit
Great find, you seem like the perfect thrifting partner :)

Vanilah xx


Chloe Trayner said...

That's such a gorgeous sweater and for a moment I thought the petal hat was a wig! I've been looking for aztec knitwear everywhere and I just can't seem to get a hold of it.

Another's Treasure said...

I agree- that sweater is perfection! I've been looking for one like that since last year :) Hopefully one will turn up in my thrift searches :)


HANNAH said...

Georgeous sweater! and love the hat too.


Q's Daydream said...

Great sweater! and I love that outfit! It's so Little Edie in the best way! :o)

.Alyspank said...

That is the most amazing sweater I've ever seen in my life! Such an awesome find for you!



Rosie said...

good god! I'm coming to arkansas if not only to steal this sweater from you. so jealouuuuuus!

Charlie said...

lovely sweater, and the petal hat is actually really cute ^^


abigail oliveros said...

it looks great.

Blackbird Fly said...

that is so gorgeous!
I was looking for similar sweaters on etsy the other day!
So pretty!

-Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
Blackbird Fly

Me said...

omg lov'n your look its crazy, that sweater is so cute I would have paired with some jeans and boots and that hat I seen you in it before and love it it reminds me of one of my all time favorite movies with my favorite actress Holly Hunter In Miss Firecracker!

Amber Blue Bird said...

great find. I have to start going to estate sales

Little Monarch said...

yeah you look great! I covet those shoes you are wearing. too bad madewell dont ship to nz :(

Laura said...

You look great!!

Sally said...

So jealous, this sweater is perfect!!

Magda said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh Starr, you look amazing in that outfit, you look like a saucy French synchronized swimmer who is about to go to the pool and your flower hat would be your lavish swimcap and your sweater and skirt the impish cover-up... maybe I'm just delirious from too much abundant French delicacies. Or maybe your outfit really is all of that!


MelleSan said...

i love your sweater!

Kelly Lauren said...

LOVE the sweater and you are adorable in that petal hat. great photo!