Clyde's Rebirth $100 Giveaway

One of the bloggers I got to meet in New York was Meryl from Clyde's Rebirth. If not for my long day of traveling and jerky cab ride through the city, I probably would've spent a lot more time chatting with her at the bar on her last night in town.

Despite the fact that we didn't get to talk long, were still good pals here on the internet. When she told me about her new Fall collection, I was more than willing to help her get the word out to all of my readers. She makes some pretty exquisite jewelry for her etsy shop, Clyde's Rebirth, and she wants to do a $100 giveaway for one lucky lady out there!

For entry rules, visit her blog!


Joanna said...

Great giveaway...thanks for sharing!

Tilly said...

Oooh I'm just about to check out her shop! I can't see this going well for my bank account though he he ;) X