October Sponsors

It's time again to do the sponsor dance! If you're interested in advertising or holding any giveaways on my blog for the month of October, shoot me an email – starrcrow@live.com. I deleted my sponsor page for the time being because I plan to make a lot of positive changes in the next few weeks, so feel free to just email me so we can talk about rates!

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Anonymous said...

Wish I could do the sponsor dance, but sadly the whole 'living as a minor with my parents and running a small, non-profit/cost blog' thing does get in the way a bit.

You darling, are so beautiful, I just hope you know that. Your blog never fails to set my heart alight with little bits of inspiration and love, and I could not adore you more for it. Thank you for being such a fantastic girl, and allowing me the opportunity to read all about you.

Norah of "lets run away" @