For Lulu Letty: A Farewell To Summer & A Video

A farewell to summer...
Today I'm guest posting over at Maria's blog, Lulu Letty! I'm sure most of you know her already, as she's a well-known darling here in the blogging community. I feel so unbelievably lucky to be invited as a guest while she's away, and I would be so honored if you guys would hop on over and read my 'farewell to summer' post! And while your there, check out all the other wonderful guest posts that have gone up in the past few days too. . . Also, I made a video!


blythe said...

just dropped by to say hi! Love your blog, and your post on Maria's blog is lovely! :]

lauren carney said...

i enjoy swooning over your lovely pictures!
they are all kinds of fancy!
thanks for sharing them with the world!

Nico said...

great post! i always love your videos, they're so cute.

abigail oliveros said...

such a lovely video

Robin said...

That was so wonderful I loved the video someday you must share your techniques I love the lighting in the vid how did you get it to look like it was from an old film with those lines

Anonymous said...

Heading over to Maria's blog now! Miss Starr, you shore are lovely! Can't wait to read the post.



Shelby said...

can't wait to read it!

One Girl said...

great post Starr!

Thank you for the great dress you sent me from your Etsy shop. I made a blog post w/ it and gave a shout out to your shop. I love it! Thanks again!