Central Park

Blouse: Zara
Jumper: F21
Tights: Zara
Shoes: Madewell
Vintage Bag: Antique Mall
Sunnies: Estate Sale

 I told you the other day that I didn't get any proper outfit photos until the last day I was in New York, and I finally have them to show you! Since it was me and the two Annie's together on the last day, we figured we'd just take all the shots with Little Ocean Annie's fancy-schmance camera. That was one bonus of the trip, getting to see everybody's cameras and lenses. It definitely proved to me that I need to invest in a 50mm F/1.8 lens because holy shmoly, the results are bea....utiful!

We went to Central Park to get these photos, and unfortunately my flight left so soon after that I had to carry my luggage with me. Lucky me, Time Enough For Drums Annie was kind enough to hold one of my bags and wear my hat–thanks for not stealing it even though I know you thought about it! I thought Annie (T.E.F.D.) and I looked like little Orla Kiely girls with our cute vintage inspired pieces and amazing opaque tights from Zara. Preggers Annie was darling too, she just can't go for the short dresses right now. She's on a very limited wardrobe! 

It was tough to say goodbye to them after such a fun weekend. We spent our final moments sitting on the steps of the Met while they soaked up a Gossip Girl moment that I had no idea about–I've never really watched the show. Annie got an organic cupcake from a nearby stand as my tummy rumbled and begged for real food that wasn't a hot dog. I eventually got that real food at the airport where I had to order on a screen–if you can call a burger and fries real food. It was strange. I placed my ordered and a ticket printed out. A lady then called my number and gave me my food, and then I went to the cashier line to pay. Little Rock has self checkout lanes at the grocery stores, but I had never ordered food on a touch screen before–I'll read this in ten years and be like, "oh my gosh, I'm so old" because it'll be the common thing!

The taxi ride to the airport was nice. I didn't mind that it was long and would eventually cost me $35–even though that was like two more pairs of tights I could've bought at Zara–rather I enjoyed staring at the city. I had no crazy agenda and no friends in the back seat with me, and so I just looked out the window with my iPod playing loud and my eyes as wide as my brothers the first day he got glasses–he said, "Mom" .....  "the clouds are following us" as if he had just seen the sky for the first time.

Farewell, New York.


taylorkitto said...

wow all of you look so wonderful!
i just adore all your shoes.
super cute

Jasmine said...

omg starr i LOVE this outfit! that top is amazing and so is that skirt (but is that the one where the button fell off?!)! i loved central park! ah! that shoe shot is SO cute! omg your new alexa shoes!!!

invest in a 50mm! it's under a 100 bucks and i'm finally getting around to see the amazingness of it! i love how most of have canons hehe!

i'm with you on taking a taxi alone! i did that on my way to a show and it was just so relaxing not having to rush to a subway and stuff like that :)

ah i freaking miss you so much!

S + Y said...

Lovely outfits!! You girls look adorableeeeee


Mel said...

You're looking so pretty and so do your two friends ;)

I looooove your vintage bag!!!

xo, Mel


Meggstatus said...

Your luggage bag is to die for!!! I have never seen a carry on that is so stylish and I'm pretty sure I never will.

It looks like you girls are having so much fun and each of you look so fantastic. I really like the photo of you and annie (time enough for drums) where she has a weird wind pregnancy.


Amber Blue Bird said...

everyone has on adorable outfits

Charlotte. said...

your outfit is so cute! sounds like you had a lovely time.

Rachel Hersh said...

Where did those adorable clogs come from??? I would die to know :)


Little Monarch said...

ahhh i love seeing blog girls whom i love together like this. looks like the thre of you had a lovely last day together.

Mel said...

Your outfit is so adorable! I love the suspendered skirt and the peter pan blouse, and your shoes are lovely!

Stephie said...

LOVE your blog - finally delurking to share this vintage bag giveaway with you!


Venn said...

i love the baggg!! love ur outfittt!! love ur blogg :)

im following !


Nadia Kamballa said...

All of you looked really pretty. I just recently found your blog and really love your style. Am a new follower now :)

The November Girl
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Marloes. said...

I love your style! you look great!


Ctoonz said...

i love this outfit! u look cute :D and i just fall in love with ur leather stuffs, they're amazing whoaaaa. THE LAST PICT IS JUST SO CANDID AND PERFECT! i looooove the sunshine!!! :D how i want to live in nyc someday :D

kathy said...

Great Pics- i love all of your outfits and it's made me determined to get back to New York next year xx


Mamushka Marie said...

love the photos. you all look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Sounds amazing. Having a holiday is just the ticket sometimes. Awesome!



Lemondrop Marie said...

What great shots! Especially the shoe one, and your bag is divine from every angle!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Kassondra DeBoer said...

Aw, all you gals are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Aw, you girls look so beautiful, and you and Annie really do look like Orla Kiely girls. Now when I read your posts, I imagine you saying each word out loud with your magnificent lisp! I just got back from a weekend away and I saw your email & will write you back asap!

xo Jenny

Justice Pirate said...

I love the shoes shot!

Alicia said...

Hello Miss Starr! Not sure if you already know, but I saw you on the Violetville Vintage blog today: http://violetvillevintage.com/blog/best-dressed-fashion-blogger-hatsbags-nyfw

Darling L said...

AMAZING pics!! Perfect outfits! :)