Argenta Vagabond

 Photos by Corey!

Shirt: F21
Shorts: Goodwill
Hat: Saver's
Socks: H&M
Boots: Nordstrom
Vintage Bag, Sunglasses, Cardigan: Estate Sale

Corey and I took these photo sometime last week in Argenta on the north side of the Arkansas River. Argenta's only a few minutes from my house and full of some of the greatest old buildings downtown. It's really not that big of a place and if you feel asleep and woke up on the Main Street stretch, you'd swear you had been transported back to the early twentieth century – don't blink or you might miss it!

This building is set just off the main road and seemed like a good match for my outfit. I know I've talked about these days before, but you know when you think you look cute and then you see the photos? This was one of those days! I felt so good in this outfit, like a vagabond, ready for anything, but as soon as I saw the photos, I made Corey stop – which explains why I only had a handful photos to pick from! I think a few of them looked okay, but for the most part, the denim cutoffs with my big, lace up boots were just unflattering on my curvy body – notice the boots were left out! At least I was able to salvage some photos from the trip.

On a completely random note, rumor has it someone really special will be staying in the hotel I work at soon. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to talk about yet, as we learned when Johnny Depp stayed there a few weeks back – ALL of my coworkers were talking about it on facebook causing a sit down talk with the manager and a handbook letting us know what we were not allowed to say – so i figured I'd just give you a small hint of who might be coming. So, here it is. 

He's Italian-American with a long line of family members who have followed in his footsteps. 

I know that's not the best hint, but I had to keep it kind of vague. Any guesses?


Marloes. said...

you look amazing! I love your bag!


amanda said...

the pictures turned out great!!! but yeah, i know what you mean. i'll be rockin out some outfit all day and then take pics when i get home and realize it was a total bomb when i load the pics on the computer. ugh. it really sucks. but at least what i can see looks awesome. you have the best outfit shots around!

Krystal said...

I have absolutely no guesses, haha....can't wait to hear though!

Archives said...

ohhhh is it francis coppola???

i TOTALLY had one one those days yesterday, so i can relate, big time. i think you look lovely, though!

Q's Daydream said...

Johnny Depp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????? ahhhhh! ;o)

A bunch of girls got in trouble at a shop I used to work at when John Travolta came to shop and they followed him around. Me I was good and just teared up and made John talk to me, hehe. Crying is my secret!
Hmmm, Italian/American...Is it Joe Montana? I met him once!

You look fabulous btw!!

Q's Daydream said...

martin scorsese? lol

Justice Pirate said...

goodness gracious you told him to stop? your body is too amazing for words! . . .maybe I think that way since I am so unbusty though.

I love these shots big time. Have fun with meeting (if you end up meeting) the star that comes to your hotel. I honestly can't think of who it might be. I think the guesses made have been good ones though!

La fille aux crayons de couleurs said...

This outfit is perfect!!

Kerri @ OldLadyChic said...

is it The Situation??? lol I have no clue. But you look amazing, I can't believe you got that from savers! That place rocks.

Rhiannon said...

Another guess for Mr. Coppola!

I love your outfit and how modern it looks, and I think you look great in that sort of hat! Especially with that outfit . . . it works so well.

Anonymous said...

I vote Coppola too! Holy cow. I just love the color palette of the photos, the rust and grey. It's really nice. Starr, I'm smiling over here a little bit because you said, "my curvy body," but when I saw your post today (even before reading the text), I thought, "wow, she looks so thin!"

The moral of the story is: don't be hard on yourself, you're beautiful!


Sarah with an "h" said...

What are you talking about? This outfit is great! It's casual and totally cute. My favorite type of outfit. Love it.


Another's Treasure said...

I love these photos, Starr! That bag/ suitcase is amazing :) I have a similar one that I also got at an estate sale, and it's my favorite!


Karen said...

Love the photos and you do look great!!! But I know what you mean about those days when you think you look amazing and then you see the photos only to find that the image of yourself was completely off - I hate those days!!! Alas, I love the look!!!



Amber Blue Bird said...

I think you look great this outfit, its causal but cool :)

Blackbird Fly said...

wow so exciting! I can't wait to hear who it is!
Love the outfit and the suitcase! so lovely!

-Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
Blackbird Fly

Kassondra DeBoer said...

You look gorgeous!

Brittany said...

I love this outfit! It's almost what Indiana Jones' girlfriend would wear, eh? & as for guesses- not a clue!! Can't wait to hear, though!

Ashlee said...
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Ashlee said...

i'm guessing francis ford coppola. (along with quite a few other people)

and you look cute!
we are always our own worst critics.

Jasmine said...

so simple yet so chic and adorable! that bag is so amazingggggggggggggggg <3 that's so exciting that you get to meet celebrities!

Future Lint said...

This look is intimidatingly cool... the bag is so awesome!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Coppola!? And yeah, I hate it when you get back from a photo shoot to discover your outfit wasn't all that you thought. At least some of yours were salvagable!

Shelby said...

Francis Ford Copolla?

Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

I don't have any guesses, but you look awesome! The pictures are gorgeous and I'm loving the hat.

- Ana

Rachel said...

You're to hard on yourself, you look great, the first thing I thought was how cute and indian-summery you looked in this outfit!

Me said...

you find the best hats I'm a hat freak and I love this outfit and the pictures