Thrift Trip Magic

When I first thought about writing a post of this weeks thrift finds, I thought man, they're going to think I'm such a hypocrite. After a total consumer breakdown and all the bitching I did about material things, it's hard to believe I'm shopping again, but I justified it by dropping off a bag to the Goodwill donation center. For now on there's a new rule around here, if something comes in the house, something else has to go out!


♥ First up is a set of playing cards I normally would have walked right past if not for the pretty sunflower design on the front. The box came with both this set and another set you'll see later in the post, and I thought they'd both make a good prop in some photos somewhere down the line. For only a dollar I figured why the heck not!


♥ I've been casually looking for a feather headband for sometime, just because they're one of the few hair accessories that looks decent on me, and I fell in love with this one if only for it's vibrant reddish orange color that reminds me of the leaves in the fall.

♥ I feel like I need to do a dance for the sunglasses seeing as I've practically gone the whole summer without having any. I guess that's not completely true since I do wear those red ones every now and then, but I really haven't had a staple pair for the sunniest months! I knew I wanted some before NYFW though, and when I spotted these and fell in love with the shape, I knew I had my pair. $1. . . what what!

♥ This is a tough call since I found so many great things this week, but I think I'm going to have to say the shoes are my absolute favorite. I've been looking for a pair of brown sandals with chunkier than normal heels, and this is almost the exact pair I've been picturing in my head. I think I may have even been stalking Topshop and Urban in search for something similar to them which you guys know is totally out of character for me, but luck be with me the thrift gods put them in my hands last week and for the amazing price of only $5!

♥ So I know I can't call this my favorite since I just granted that title to the shoes, but if I traveled a whole lot or needed a Mary Poppins sized bag for any other reason, this would be my favorite! I don't know what it is with me and brown leather bags, but I've got a pretty wild collection going on. It's far too big to take on any overnight trip and it's far too small to take with me on my NYC trip, but for now I'm going to hang on to it and see if it doesn't get used sometime in the near future. More than likely it'll be for photos!


♥ I get just as excited about wall decor as I do for any clothing item I find, and both of these pieces made me smile at first sight! The mirror is actually rather small, and I still haven't figured out where to hang it yet. I love the frame and the fact that it only cost 50 cents, so even if I only use it for some photos and then get rid of it, it won't be too much sweat off my back.

♥ The painting, on the other hand, already has a home hanging by the front door. I'm always searching for frames like this, and it was such a treat to find one with a painting already in tact. As much as I would rather it be a herd of girls dancing around that carriage with flowers in their hair and streamers in the hands, I actually don't mind this set of boys. There's so much movement and life to this painting, and I love the fact that the one boy is sitting with his umbrella enjoying the imaginary ride! Something about these kids reminds me of Lord of the Flies, a story that will always hold a special place in my heart; R.I.P. Piggy.


♥ I found these snap on neck ties at the estate sale I went to on Friday in a little bag with 'girl scouts?' written on the front. The salesman didn't seem too sure of himself based on that question mark, but if I had to guess I'd venture to say they were from a girl scout, as well. I feel in love with the print on both of them, and the back of my head kept reminding me that neutrals and military inspired colors were going to be in this fall. 

♥  The basket purse came from the same estate sale, and I mostly bought it for the fact that it was only $3. I like that it says Portland 1978, and of course I instantly thought of all my friends who live there. Hey Annie, Anja, and Rachel! I was a little bummed when I got to the car and realized it had some Greek fraternity letters in the kite, mostly because of my years spent being around fraternities and sororities in college and the deep dislike that grew in my heart for any such organizations, but that's another story for a different day!



Rosie said...

Such fabulous things my dear. Fingers crossed for NYFW!

anja louise verdugo said...

I used to buy old playing cards from the Goodwill bins all the time for the awesome images on the back! I think my favorite set was a bright pink background with black skeleton key print, or maybe funny old photos of dogs.

The Portland bag is SO AWESOME. If you ever decide to get rid of it, hook me up girl!

.Alyspank said...

I love each and every one of your finds! The Goodwill by me doesn't seem to have as many things that make me want to take them home.... then again, last time I tried to go to one I got screamed at by a lady pretending to be handicapped (Im being serious, she was actually pretending) for parking in a spot she thought was handicapped, but actually wasn't. I've been kind of nervous about going back... people get so vicious! Haha

-Weezy from http://beautysimplistic.blogspot.com

Amber Blue Bird said...

Great finds but I think my fave is the Mary Poppins bag. I could see Julie Andres carrying that bag around.

Shelby said...

your thrift stores just have the most amazing stuff in them. mine are all filled with broken thins and ski jackets from the 80s.

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Those criss cross ties are fantastic, and I love your nail polish. What color/brand is that?? Love, A.

Catherine - The Girl In The Paper Dress said...

You always find the most precous things! (I am especially jealous of the glasses, I can never find cute vintage sunglasses!)

The Girl in the Paper Dress

SAMI. said...

OMG~ fabulous finds! love that bag! i wish i had your kinda luck thrifting!!


The Daily Fashionista said...

I love seeing what people pick up at the thriftstore. If I wasn't sick as a dog this week I would've been in the thriftstore hunting down some fall fashion staples. This coming week, for sure!

I especially love the heels. What a great find for $5! You can't beat that.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

That's a great haul and the shoes... jealous. I too have been coveting a pair like that!

Little Monarch said...

what great finds!

moonshinejunkyard said...

oooh now i want to hear your fratboy stories. i got my fill of anything related to "greek life" long before i ever really went to college, ugh! but that bag is so rad and soooo worth it; you could just make up your own idea for what the flag stands for because screw frats and sororities, they don't have a patent on greek letters! meanwhile lovely finds again of course my dear and i think i shall do a post like this too...i've been kinda lucky lately myself!

Sally said...

That brown leather bag makes me drool! I've been looking for one like this for weekend travels, but so far no luck. This headband is super cute on you!


Rachel said...

I envy the fact that your taste is so cohesive because everything in this post looked great with everything else.
And I realy love the girl scout (?) neckties and the bottom set of cards.
But it's all pretty great stuff!

Sarah with an "h" said...

Okay, those sunglasses...ah--mazing! Love them. What a great find! You found lots of greats things!


Archives said...

LOVE that bag!

Robin said...

such great finds you really have an eye for getting some awesome stuff I love that bag

Britty said...

i'm falling in love with your "mary poppons" bag! love the sunnies their soo old fashion and ladylike!

everything is soo lovely you have some very nice things

ps i'm thinking about going to nyfw i dont know just yet i never been to NY soo yeah

martina said...

i really love the vintage taste of your blog.
The precedent post"MacArthur Park"is really cute as your pics!
follow me<3

wardrobetales said...

I LOVE those snap-on ties!

Marloes. said...

This is my first time visiting your blog, but I love it! Great bag!
I'm definitely following now
The Style Sandwich


lilyruby said...

Lovely photos!

Midwest Mayhem said...

What amazing finds!! I am so jealous of your luck!

Justice Pirate said...

hope you find a giant carpet mary poppins bag soon! . . .hope you can fit a lamp in it like she did too.

Mamushka Marie said...

yeeeeah! i always go for the playing cards, they make great hang tags for clothing! ;)

if i haver said...

Such a cute look! I love those playing cards :-)

amanda said...

I love those cards! They'd look great lined up in rows and columns inside a display case or frame.

sarastargirl said...

Such beautiful things... the pictures all match each other in such a perfect way. Lovely!

Desiree said...

I have the same if-something-comes-in-something-has-to-go-out rule in my house now. I actually got the idea of Jessica Constable's Makeunder My Life blog. It is super inspiring.

And I looooooove your nail color!

Elekon said...

everything`s simply stunning! shoes are stylish and oxfords are also my favorites:)and beautiful and interesting blog!am following you now!

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The Velvet Bow said...

Those shoes! What a find. I am seriously jealous right now miss!

x The Velvet Bow