Sponsor Wishlist, Shopping Ban, & NYFW

Sponsor Wishlists
Hat: Tigercult Vintage, Shoes: Slubird, Shirt & Overalls: Modcloth
Sponsor Wishlists
Earrings: City Birds Nest, Everything else: Modcloth
Sponsor Wishlists
Dress: Slubird, Purse: Timely Vintage, Shoes & Plate: Modcloth
Sponsor Wishlists
Everything from Modcloth
Sponsor Wishlists
Dress: Adeline's Attic, Shoes: Timely Vintage, Scarf & Book: Modcloth

 I didn't get around to taking any outfit photos yesterday, so I decided to torture myself with a sponsor wishlist post instead. Even though I feel as broke as my sophomore year of college when my roommate and I took turns calling our parents for money, when we were too broke to buy a lawn mower and opted to snip the grass with scissors instead (we we're insane!), I still have very little discipline when it comes to shopping. Normally I buy what I want, when I want it, but this time I've agreed to take a really fun trip instead! Boo-hoo to an awful month long shopping ban, but yipee to an exciting, once in a lifetime trip to New York Fashion Week! I can't wait for my first trip to NYC with some of my favorite fashion bloggers. Let the shopping ban begin!

All that said, I still found lots of great inspiration from my amazing sponsors!


Angela Joy said...

ugh modcloth breaks my heart!

Little Ocean Annie said...

I CAN'T WAIT, ROOMIE!! We're going to have so much fun, your shopping ban will be so worth it. I warned Josh I might try to find a sugar-daddy while in NYC, just someone that will want to buy us things, but we won't have to be sexy with him. You in?

And that hat is amazing.

Rosie said...

Good for you for having some self control! Your dream wishlist's are awesome though! I may have to wander down to NYC and impose myself upon Ethan's sister Betsy so we can hang out and stalk the fashion tents!

Robin said...

all those are very nice I espeically like the flower shorts and lace thingy very inspiring! I'm really trying to pair my wardrobe down but its hard, espeacially when I see stuff like this!

T.Hazel said...

modcloth has the best stuff ever :)

Jenni said...

Fashion week is worth a shopping ban. I love those little overalls in your first pic... I came super close to buying them and some other things I've been wanting yesterday, but then the other stuff sold out! What a bummer.

Archives said...

i have that dior book! have yet to read it, tho....!

Myriam said...


I'm punishing myself for the month of August after everything I bought in Spain. It's a month of purging and crafting! ♥ That's so exciting about New York Fashion Week! I'm super happy for youuuu!
♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

I love the second bunch but ever since Modcloth increased their shipping prices I haven't been able to order much lately. ):

Miz said...

Oh that first grouping is killing me. Do want.

Shelby said...

All of these combos are so great. I cannot even decide which one is best. I know how you feel, I am on a shopping ban too. Except, mine is the result of a trip!

Indie.Tea said...

Love those combinations...I can't even decide which is best 'cause they're all fabulous.

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I have The Little Dictionary of Fashion. It's so cute! :)

April said...

Great picks!

Anonymous said...

Dear Starr,

First of all: YOU ARE GOING TO NYC?!?!?!?!?!?! I'm dying of happiness and love. I'm here until the end of September. Let's cavort around town and get pearl milk tea and sneak into fashion shows (I heard it's very easy.)