the fashion blues.

since starting my blog a little over a year ago, I feel like I've been living some sort of a fashion dream. it looks nothing like the dreams I envisioned as a child when I was getting Barbie ready for her dates or when I was designing dresses during church sermons, but then again, the world has changed a lot since then.  the internet has presented unimaginable opportunities for so many of us, and the dynamics of the fashion industry have shifted in such a short amount of time.

when I started my blog I was just beginning to understand my personal style. only a year earlier I was sporting jeans and tshirts on a regular basis, thinking that no one could ever take those away from me. I feel like I'll never be able to repay the people who influenced me to start wearing dresses regularly. For the longest time I wouldn't wear them because I thought I had kankles (aka tree stump ankles), and the thought of being girlie terrified me. I was so insecure with my body, and I felt like jeans were the only thing that allowed me to shield it from the world. little did I know that jeans were far more unflattering than any dress I could've been wearing.

i feel like i've grown so much, not only in the fashion sense, but also as a person. this blog has pushed me out into the world to explore and find my hidden talents and to really develop my own point of view. as wonderful as all that is and as grateful as I will always be for that, sometimes I can't help but feel the downsides of this industry.

since becoming a part of the fashion world I feel like I've been going, going, going 90 to nothing:

buy, wear, photograph, edit, flickr, blog, facebook, twitter, chictopia, lookbook....
that trend is out now. this trend is in now.

buy, wear, photograph, edit, flickr, blog, facebook, twitter, chictopia, lookbook....
that trend is out now. this trend is in now.

buy, wear, photograph, edit, flickr, blog, facebook, twitter, chictopia, lookbook...
that trend is out now. this trend is in now.

you get the picture. sometimes this job is so pressing in that it makes me become so much more materialistic than I ever wanted to be. it's the constant consumption and the endless piles of clothing that are really starting to eat at my brain this week. i want the trendy wooden platforms and infantry jackets that everyone else will be wearing this fall, but as soon as I save up enough money, I'm too scared to buy them. will this trend stick around? is it worth my hard earned money just to have some cool photos this season? to be honest, I don't wear heels anywhere I go. if I buy trendy heels, it's pretty much just for the photos. I mean, the only place I really go out to is a dive bar, and I'd get laughed at if I wore heels there, not to mention the fact that I'm 5'7" and feel like I stand out too much when I wear them anyway.

it scares me that I'm feeling all this. I've worked so hard and invested so much time getting this blog where it is just to let it fall apart now. what good is a fashion blog for a minimalistic, non consumer? i talked to Jake about it last night, and he recommended that I take a little time off and let that passion fall back into place again. to be honest, I think the heat and the lack of schedule (no school or work) have had a lot to do with it, and I'm hoping that the passion will come back with the cooler temperature (meteorologist says it feels like 108 today). for now I'm just going to take a week off from self portraits.

I apologize to Annie for not getting her pretty 60's dress and floral boater hat styled yet, but I promise it'll be my next outfit. after trying to shoot it this morning and failing with that set of photos, I decided to walk away from it for today. instead I'm going to try to tackle that living room/studio tour I mentioned a while back. after that I guess I'll try to organize some of these massive clothing piles, and hopefully work some of the items into my shoot with Katy and Hootie on Monday.

if you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you related to what I was saying, please take the time to say so. as much as I would never wish the fashion blues upon anyone, sometimes it feels good to know you're not alone.


rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

oh girl, you are definitely not the only one.

Emily said...

You are most definitely not alone. And, there's nothing wrong with taking a break. (if you need another voice to tell you :) ). You've got a gorgeous blog and a great eye for beauty, color, and combining pieces to complete a cohesive thought/look (something I'm terrible at). I understand the funk, trust me, but you're doing great things--at least know that

Q's Daydream said...

I know just how you're feeling! Have a lovely break and I can't wait to see what you return with! xoxo

LoveCharlesVintage said...

Don't sacrifice yourself for the sake of the blog! Buy what you want to wear and not whats popular in the blogging world. You have great taste and you can take beautiful photos because of that, and not because you have the latest clogs. Don't let the items fuel you, let creativity fuel you. You have fantastic style, and you still will even if you take a break from the material side of the fashion world.

Catherine - The Girl In The Paper Dress said...

I totaly understand how you're feeling. I hate that I can't buy impractical but trendy shoes and other clothing items due to lack of funds. What I love about your outfits is that they tend to be timeless. They incorporate some of the latest trends, but work all the time. Have a great break!

The Girl in the Paper Dress

Myriam said...

You are not alone!
Currently, I'm in the process of packing up for the return to my beloved apartment. The growing piles of clothes around me is making me nauseous, how did I get to this point? My shopping ban makes me feel slightly better, I may just let it bleed into September. Purging also feels pretty good.

And this Arkansan weather isn't helping a bit! I've been living in tees and the same pair of ratted jeans since my return from Chicago (too lazy to shave) and nowhere to go. I've managed to make some earrings, but that's about it.

I can't believe how I've managed to accumulate so much and honestly, what do I have to show for it? It's truly overwhelming and leaving me in quite a funk.

I miss you,
Myriam ♥

fashion westie said...

I had this exact epiphany when I got back from Australia and unpacked....I sat surrounded by stuff and felt so un-authentic. Did I buy to wear for me? Did I buy to wear for blog? Did I just become the shallowest consumer to exist? I have the post sitting in my drafts and I've yet to click publish.

Thank you for being so brave as to share this sentiment on your blog. I'm pretty sure you have embodied how a lot of us feel...

Krystal said...

i think i like reading bloggers who are real anyway. the flashy blogs are fun but do nothing for me in the long run:)

Andrea said...

I think its not just a fashion thing, its a life thing. Once something becomes repetitive it no longer holds the same value it did when it was new and refreshing. Taking a break is a great idea, it will clear up your head and allow you to come back refreshed, have a wonderful and fashion free week! ;)

Anonymous said...

I relate to what you're saying. This is why I think it's important not to pay very much attention to trends and those sorts of things, because they're really ultimately unimportant. It's more important to actually discover what you like and feel beautiful in.

Anyways, I only started my blog (and it won't be entirely a fashion blog, just a blog for myself and my thoughts) but I have been following you for awhile and other fashion blogs. I think I both envy and am aware of the real damage behind that sort of endless consumption that you're talking about.

There honestly is something wrong with constantly feeling like you need to buy something. It can eat you up inside.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to having tree stumps for legs, and to the fact that when I see other bloggers wear clogs, heels, peep toes, vintage t straps and lace I really want to buy all those fancy things. Truth be told I even gave in and bought a lace cardigan. But as soon as I slipped in on I knew I was not fooling anyone, I was not feeling comfy, my arms broke out in hives. I do not know about many others, but I think as much as I understand you, you are strong enough to stay true to your lifestyle and still take beautiful photos, afterall that's what personal style is about isn't it?


carlypops said...

Starr, you're amazing, don't forget that. You took all those clothes fears (that lots of us have) and created something that is very ... you....(which is something lots of us would love to be able to do!).

Sod what everyone else is wearing, we follow you because you are interesting and creative.

You have been doing this for a year and you have 800'odd people following you, that is pretty impressive.

I honestly think you are building up a really rich portfolio so you could do this for a living... surely? If I was vogue I'd hire you! we need more people like youuuu!

Little Ocean Annie said...

I definitely feel what you're going through. It's so easy to get caught up in wanting a particular item because you're seeing it pop up in blogs and you want to give it a go, too.
As much as I love clothing and dressing up, it makes me a little uneasy that all I seem to think about lately is what outfit to put together to show it on my blog. I've been making the conscious effort to document more of what I love: my life, cooking, remodeling our home, etc.
Honestly, I love the outfits you put together, but what always inspires me the most is your photography and eye for composition. My favorite of your posts are your little videos, and you thrifting posts. You have an amazing talent, don't force it. Let it simmer until something magnificent speaks to you.

love you!

Jaymie said...

I've just found your blog and just read all of this and you are most certainly not alone whilst doing my year at uni i kept going through funks like seriosly what is this giving back to the world etc etc etc I think if anything these thoughts can only be a positive? as in it shows you're not totally materialistic and unrealistic with your perceptions, i completely adore blogging (ive practically only just started) i love fashion, art, making etc and i feel like im constantly like i want, need this and obviosly i don't but at the end of the day i guess wanting and loving that piece of clothing is like a hobby and if you realise you have these thoughts and feel bad it shows your human and not a materialistic person.
p.s sorry if that was really long/ didn't make sense haha.


Jaymie said...

I've just found your blog and just read all of this and you are most certainly not alone whilst doing my year at uni i kept going through funks like seriosly what is this giving back to the world etc etc etc I think if anything these thoughts can only be a positive? as in it shows you're not totally materialistic and unrealistic with your perceptions, i completely adore blogging (ive practically only just started) i love fashion, art, making etc and i feel like im constantly like i want, need this and obviosly i don't but at the end of the day i guess wanting and loving that piece of clothing is like a hobby and if you realise you have these thoughts and feel bad it shows your human and not a materialistic person.
p.s sorry if that was really long/ didn't make sense haha.


redheaded guru said...

i understand where you're coming from with all this.. i keep wanting to make a really good blog that everyone will like and it takes a lot of work and stuff, and really i don't know much at all considering i'm really new to all this and don't get that much feedback... but i'm sure you will always have a passion and love for fashion, and it's hard to choose if you should spend your time with other things or with the blog...
but just on another note.. i was looking at some of your previous posts and saw that you made a trip to a place called Hot Springs.. do you happen to live in Arkansas by chance...? :] lol!
- Lilly

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

When I see the amount of work that you and a lot of our other fellow bloggers put into their blogs, I get really intimidated. I don't go out looking for places to shoot my outfits. I just always shoot them in my backyard in the same boring spot. I'd feel awkward going out somewhere and having someone run into me taking pictures of myself. Plus, I don't have a full-size tripod. I also don't own as much awesome pieces of clothing as everyone else does. I don't know where everyone gets the money to buy all sorts of awesome things from places like ModCloth (although I know you do ALOT of thrifting).

There's not a lot of good thrift stores around here. I don't feel that I'm THAT good with working a camera. I don't know how to do all the right settings to get some good effects and looks.

I get so discouraged. How am I supposed to get tons of followers when I feel like my blog and my wardrobe are so boring. I feel like I've run out of things to do with my clothes. Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough.

At the same time, I feel like I don't want to try harder. I'd rather go out with my friends or spend time with my boyfriend when he's home from school and if we take some pictures great, if not, oh well. I would like to blog more often and find some really nice places to do so, but I'm not going to force myself to do it. If I have to force myself to do something, then I shouldn't be doing it. This is why I don't have a blogging schedule. I blog when I blog. It's supposed to be something to enjoy, not a chore or a job.

I guess my point is that if you're feeling that way, it's definitely a good idea to take a little time off. You may find that spending a little less time on your blog will make you feel a lot better.

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

I definitely know how you feel. I've been on a road trip for the past three months with only one drawer of clothes to keep me company. I'm finally settling down in New York but I still haven't had a chance to go back to San Francisco to pick up all my clothes, so I'm still stuck with what I've got! Trying to take outfit photos with so few resources really started to get me down, so eventually I gave up and just started posting my photos from the trip. It really took a load off for me to not have to think about photographing an outfit when I didn't have clothes I wanted to wear and was such a mess myself!
Your photography is wonderful. Have you ever thought about just putting up some pictures that don't involve daily outfits? You could take pictures of Little Rock or do some street style posts. You're very talented. I'm sure everyone would love to see your photos!

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

I definitely know how you feel. I've been on a road trip for the past three months with only one drawer of clothes to keep me company. I'm finally settling down in New York but I still haven't had a chance to go back to San Francisco to pick up all my clothes, so I'm still stuck with what I've got! Trying to take outfit photos with so few resources really started to get me down, so eventually I gave up and just started posting my photos from the trip. It really took a load off for me to not have to think about photographing an outfit when I didn't have clothes I wanted to wear and was such a mess myself!
Your photography is wonderful. Have you ever thought about just putting up some pictures that don't involve daily outfits? You could take pictures of Little Rock or do some street style posts. You're very talented. I'm sure everyone would love to see your photos!

Amanda said...

Starr, you more than anyone deserve a break. The work you put into your blog is apparent and so appreciated from your followers. Each time you post it's always beautiful and inspiring...no matter what it is. Part of what really attaches me to a blog is the lady behind it, not just the clothes she wears and the photos she can take. I've always gotten your personality through your posts and that's what I love about you and your blog the most.

There is no harm in taking a break. For my blog, I always think if I feel like I have to do it, that's the moment I'll stop wanting to do it. Luckily, I haven't felt that way yet. I think it's all about striking that balance between living your life and documenting it.

Have a good break lady, and we'll be here when you get back!

Anonymous said...

Oh Starr,

I love your beautifully styled photoshoots but I think I might love these long text-heavy, honest-heavy, smart-heavy, brave-heavy posts about blogging and the love-hate relationship I know that every fashion blogger has. I know that you're going to get tons of comments from people who can relate to exactly what you're describing and I'm just another one of those people who wants to pipe in and tell how much I understand this feeling of blogging ennui, and this sneaking, sad suspicion that our tiny little spaces on the internet--originally formed as a place to share beautiful and marvelous things--have become just another consumerist vehicle. That makes me sad, and I think it's totally exhausting when I think of all the social networking sites I should be on and all the ones I don't want to be one but feel compelled to be on.

When I look at my pile of clothes on the floor and I notice myself thinking,'Now which one hasn't been photographed yet?' I feel instantly sad and wish such thoughts would never cross my mind.

You're a marvelous blogger and we will all miss you on your blogging hiatus, (let's call it a blogging sabbatical!) but I hope you will take as much time off as you need and let's all come back to the blogging world with vigor and integrity and determined to continue sharing beautiful things and not be swayed by the horrible, ever looming threat of being swallowed up whole by the materialism of fashion.

xo Jenny

idée_géniale said...

nope, you're definitely not alone lady. As all the other comments state, a blogger definitely feels the strains of consumerism at one time or another.
I think for me, it's not so much the materialistic stuff, since I think I do a pretty good job at budgeting, but it's more on the lines of what if I feel like wearing the same shorts two days in a row? Or I just want to wear the same dress that I wore last week..etc.. so i've kind of stopped stressing about and just took a day off or two in between. and guess, what? no one died!lol. We put way too much pressure on ourselves to always come out with the perfect outfit, or perfect background, but like the others said, we're all human!
so go ahead, take some time off, think about it, and well, we'll all be here when you get back because you're too awesome.

hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.

Gina said...

What you wrote resonates with me so profoundly that I wish I could fly halfway around the world to sit down with you and have a good talk over a cup of (iced) coffee.
I have personally been preoccupied with the idea of over-consumption. I love beautiful objects. I dream in fashion. Twice a year I pore over Lula, madly in love. I love silk and velvet and vintage lace, and the creative aspect of putting together a "revolutionary costume" every day.
But what good are trends?
Are trends true personal style?
I think, as I believe you do too, cause I see you have it, girl--that true personal style is not based on trends. True personal style is artful expression, being proud and comfortable in your own skin. I've blogged about this a lot. It's the scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's when Audrey is wearing her gray t-shirt and jeans and perfect black ballet flats and singing Moon River with her ukelele...And Patti Smith in perfectly-tailored menswear on the cover of "Horses" And Anna Karina in red tights....And our friends and fellow bloggers who inspire with their distinctive looks.
I don't think style is disposible--like a trend is. Style is clothing you will own forever--for posterity! It's well-made, not necessarily expensive--but made to last beyond a season.
There's a fabulous article in the NYTimes this week about the phenomenon of overconsumption. It's called "Will it Make you Happy?" Here it is: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/08/business/08consume.html?_r=1&src=me&ref=homepage

Too many objects (a clutter of cheap trendy clothes you don't love) can definitely cause anxiety.
And heat too. I lived in Tucson for 5 years before moving to Singapore, but I'm a born and bred San Francisco-chilly fog and cute winter accessories all year round kind of girl--heat can be oppressive and block inspiration.

Starr, I've always love your photography. I think you are truly talented and you do have true style.
But your artistic eye is too sharp for becoming enslaved to the no-fun, expensive, draining trend-train you discussed in this post.

My advice to you: You just need to rest a bit and refine your artistic eye. Your man is right: give yourself a little break. Slow down. Pare down (after a little bit, make a trip to donate your unwanted items. it will be a relief)....Allow yourself to appreciate beauty in that natural way you did as a kid, designing outfits during sermons...Recharge your creative battery with the love letters of your readers :)...When you feel more like yourself, start up again (Please! You are such an inspiration) and keep making beauty and telling stories of beauty with your style and photography.
Long-winded, but heartfelt.
HIgh-five, sister!
Let's beat those fashion blues!

M. said...

uh starr, I compeletly understand you. Blogging is such hard work, you think it would be easy! I feel horrible because I have not posted in so long and if I do post its more like once a week than everyday. I feel like I'm not up to par with any of you other bloggers and my blog is going no where compared to everyone else. It's weird, I have tons of followers and no comments? Which does not motivate me to make more posts, so I'm just in a rut and don't know if it's worth continuing if it just feels like another job to do rather than doing it for fun. I WISH my blog could be as great as yours and as popular, you really post the most amazing looks and photographs, I fall in love every time I come to your blog (everyday), take time and relax and come back when you're ready! this is for you not for the readers!

Good luck getting back on track, you'll be fine.

Harlow Darling said...

Sweetheart I think that somewhere down the line you've forgotten that you're the only one that matters, that this should all be for you! I may not even have 50 followers or dreamy vintage clothes (due to op shops where I live being crap) and that's fine with me because at the end of the day I'm doing it all for me, I don't buy clothes because they are what everyone else is talking about on blogs/magazines, I wear what I feel like and do what I like because it's what makes me happy. So perhaps it's time to let loose and start to really focus on the aspects of fashion and blogging that make you happy and feel great without having to try so hard or spend lots of money :)

Lots of love

Eline said...

Yes, you're definitely not alone. I've noticed I'd been doing the same up until recently. I was forced to stop buying stuff because I was broker than ever, but I also felt forced to stop shopping because I was feeling an exponential need to consume daily and it irked me. It made me feel pretty horrible about myself because I was brought up pretty anti-consumerist (for the lack of a better word). So I stopped and thought and consciusly sought out blogs that felt this feeling creeping up too and who coincidentally stopped buying altogether and made blog posts about that. It's incredibly refreshing to see this, and although I don't plan on doing it myself I plan to be positibely influenced by the anti-consumerist trend and think more consciously of what I'm buying, why I'm buying it and how I am buying it.

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Hey dear,

Thanks for the post,and for trying to photograph those items! I totally understand what you're feeling. I blogged about it not so long ago; that feeling that a blog becomes all consuming. I found that making myself a blog schedule really helped so that I had some sense of routine without overwhelming myself or pushing too hard. You are well loved and everyone will respect you regardless of the route you decide to take, so know that!

I can definitely sympathize with your feeling that this blog world makes us into these materialistic beings. That is so not me, and I feel it becoming me. It's hard to be a part of something you love, yet also feel that it challenges your own set of ethics (that materialism bit). I want to forge ahead and raise these topics on my blog, and you've now given me the strength to approach it, because it's really been on my mind of late, as well. Thanks for posting this and hang in there! You are NOT alone.

Love, Annie.

Helen said...

You are so not alone. I sympathise with pretty much everything you've said. My blog is nowhere near as demanding as yours must feel but it still exhausts me sometimes! x

Orchid Grey said...

I completely relate. After leaving my job I've had zero schedule this summer, and therefore zero reason to get dressed really. I've had a difficult time reconciling my love for fashion, and my need to be comfortable, my desire to work in the fashion industry, and my desire to move somewhere more remote and rural. It's a difficult balance. Take some time to get centered.

arnique said...

I read your blog because you always seem to have so much FUN—writing, styling, thrifting, story-telling (your Morgan Freeman meeting was a laugh!), and making friends of all of us. I don't care so much about the trends or brand-new clothes every post. I'm not looking for fashion perfection (though your style comes pretty close to my ideal). I'm so happy to see a girl rather like me and my friends (body issues and wonky photography, we all have 'em!) and get some vintage and country inspiration into my depressingly urban wardrobe.

When things stop getting fun and you feel that what you're doing is work (and not the exciting, fulfilling sort of work), stop full stop—that's how I've always dealt with life. No one can fault you for taking a holiday for some much-needed R&R. You deserve it, a hundred times over! You may decide to get back into blogging after a while, or choose to do new, more wonderful things. Either way, I support you esp. since B and I probably kicked off our own blog after we realized what (extra)ordinary girls like you could do.

Lots of love,
A from A + B in the Sea

Sara Lynn said...

Starr I know what you are feeling. But I have accepted that this is for fun, not wok. For you it is. If you really want something, wait 48 hours, if you still want it, get it. My mother told me that. :) AS for heels? Maybe just buy them for the shop? I honestly own 2 pairs. I almost never wear them, but they are there for special occasions. I honestly don't expect you to buy heels and things like that to make people intersted in your wardrobe, and I don't think anyone does. You should wear what you want. You should feel great doing it. :)


Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

I related very much to a few things you said... mainly, strangely, the part about heels. I never felt a lack of heels in my life until I started reading blogs, and now, like you, I feel like I should be buying funky wooden platforms for fall. I even remember thinking, before I started blogging, "I can't start my blog until I have at least one pair of heels--no one will read it." And yet I walk everywhere and never wear them either. Madness.

I think it's important to consider yourself as a style blog rather than a fashion blog, in the sense that fashion is about trends and style is about looking good. I always like your looks, and I actually appreciate reading other bloggers who wear flat shoes! ; )

And like you, I hate consumerism and I can feel it creeping up on me.. it's a challenge. I hope you continue blogging though, after a break!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way sometimes. I hate it that I feel so materialistic and it is probably the main reason I haven't put my all into getting a degree in business/fashion. I love sewinng/altering my clothes with a pashion, but hate that I feel like I "need" all these THINGS.

abigail oliveros said...

I've noticed that too with myself. Ever since I've started my blog my fashion sense and wardrobe has expanded to become more complex and well thought of instead of just shorts and a tank top.

have an amazing day
love Abigail

thank you for your blog. I've always enjoyed reading your posts.

Emma said...

It's unbelievable how much I can relate to your post I've just read. Especially the materialistic, trendy and heels issues! I am sometimes envious of how inspiring other people's blogs are and how they always have new and beautiful things to wear in their outfit posts, but then I scold myself and take a step back and remind myself why I started it, that I am not taking photos and writing with anyone in mind except myself. As long as I don't feel like I am compromising who I am by wearing or buying anything I wouldn't normally buy or wear just to seem trendy then I know I'm ok. The thing I love most about blogging is when you get a real sense of the person's personality and their life through their pictures and words. Today my mam gave me a voucher to get a hat made for myself for my birthday because I can never find any that fit my head and I specifically picked one that I liked best instead of going for something "trendy". As long as I like what I wear that's all that matters. Sorry for the long comment, but know that you're never alone in feeling a certain way and sometimes a break and some perspective is all you need to get you back on track and feeling like yourself again.

Love reading your blog, it always inspires me!

redheaded guru said...

haha, yes it is VERY unbearable in AR, i can back ya up at that completely. i was born in Little Rock and currently live in NLR! coincedence! haha, but i'm about to start my second year at Lyon College in Batesville!
Hot Springs is so fun to go to! I've been in this one bath house like 20 times but each time we go down there, i always have to go in and look around! have you been to this little shop called No Clothes right off of Bath House Row? it has some cute stuff!

Robin said...

OMG Starr I know exactly how you feel thanks for sharing your story, the consumptions aspect is dishearting thats why I've sort of made a pack not to buy anything new this year , only thrift store finds or something that I make. I don't wear heels either and I've decided to give all my heels away because I just can't. I use to be a T shirts and Jeans girl too and like you I started wearing dresses which I believe is more flattering besides it seems as if everyone wears them and how boring is that. Also have you thought about borrowing trendy clothes and shoes from stores for photo shoots , its free advertising for them, go and talk to some store managers of your local boutiques and department stores, that way you could get the photos you want without spending the money and who knows where it could lead you your blog is growing after all.

CAITLIN said...


I think we all feel the strain, whether we are blogging to an audience like yours or to a small crowd of friendly faces. There are so many stylish people out there, who will always have trendy shoes that we want and can't necessarily afford. Personally, the things I want are usually one-of-a-kind vintage items on classy ladies like you that I wouldn't be able to find even if I could afford it! It's about your vision and your self, and you want to inspire yourself as much as other people.

And you are an inspiration to all of us. Even if you don't have wooden platforms.

Lauren said...

It seems everyone is feeling this way, maybe it's like the feeling of dread you had at the end of summer when you back to school. You start questioning everything since the feeling of anything being possible is gone. I know I'm feeling it right now, as well is some of my girlfriends. I feel like I'm swimming in a sea of clothes even though I only have one closet, I'm sure that many girls have more.

I personally started my own blog to force myself to try. And I wanted mine to just be about me everyday whether that is about clothes, bikes or puppies. And I have always loved dressing up but never liked the looks I'd get from people. I also am taller 5'6" so I'd stand out in heels. I always envied the girls that look so cute with all these cool layers of clothes and whatnot. But I don't even have the body to pull it off... Now I'm rambling.

I think everyone is burnt out. I get frustrated seeing these amazing clothes these girls wear when I have to go to work everyday so that is a main option in how I dress. I know for me after going to Lollapalooza and seeing the super cute girls in super cute outfits has put me in a style cave not wanting to exit.

But this to will pass. Blog what you want when you want. I'll still read.

Pleasantly Jaded said...

You're so not alone...it's hard and so frustrating some times when you can't get inspired! But you have a wonderful blog so its worth it in the end! :)

sarah said...

Oh dear, I know exactly how you feel... but this is one of the reasons why I love your blog so much - I appreciate that you are willing to write honest and thought-provoking posts like this. You are resourceful and creative and I hope that cooler temperatures in a few weeks will bring you fresh perspective and enthusiasm!

anja louise verdugo said...

I think it's been made pretty clear that everyone feels like this sometimes, I hope that's reassuring! Whenever I get bummed out and feel bogged down by blogging and the whole fashion blog world, I tend to delete almost everything from my google reader and just ignore as much of the internet as I can for a while and let myself regroup and remember what kind of creative output I really enjoy. It's always really refreshing! I hope you feel back to normal soon, because you are a cool creative lady and whatever direction you take your blog in I know it will be fun. You should have a big garage sale or something to clean out all that excess clothing that is around you, for a nice fresh start!

Rebeccak said...

It is strange to see you talk about wanting the latest trends and blowing your hard-earned cash on them, because since I started following blogs like yours I have become a lot less interested in main-stream trends, or on spending the crazy amounts of money they ask at retail stores. You remind me that I can find something similar with a little digging at a thrift store, or that with some imagination I can re-invent something I already own!

I hope your blues fade soon! :)

Jennifer said...

Hey Lady! Thanks for being so honest. Its refreshing and also encouraging because I feel the same way. It comes and goes and yes the true passion comes back, but there are always darker days where you wonder why you are doing it all. Time off is a great way to step back remember why you love it, enjoy the small things and not get all caught up in all of it. Enjoy your rest!

Bea said...

Arianne and I always jokingly say that our goal is to be the Philippines' version of Thought is a Blossom. We just admire your creativity, style and resourcefulness! I never even really felt that you tried hard to follow trends or keep up with others. You seem to be in your own amazing world.

You are just so inspiring and I hope you can forget the pressure. Obviously, your readers love you and won't be jumping ship should you decide to take a much deserved break.

Bea from A plus B

moonshinejunkyard said...

there are a lot of great comments here. i personally agree with the writer who says she gets attached to a blog because of the woman behind it. it is so true, the spirit that is subtly captured in each post, with or without pictures, with or without a lick of fashion, is what matters to me.

of course, it's true what another writer said about whether the blog is for work or for fun. it is freeing and ultimately probably a little bit easier to just blog for fun. if you want to make a fashion name for yourself, i guess there are compromises? i guess that is how the world of "work" is? i'm not even sure. in my little world i kinda won't stand for that...but maybe...all i'm saying is you get to decide for yourself what you are willing to do and what you WANT to do, and take the parts that inspire you and leave the rest. if you went for two months without a single fashion related post and wrote instead about your friends, your apartment, your cat, your vintage maps and globes and books, your dilapidated ruinous explorations, your secret wishes, your secret fears, your adorable crazy family...i know for one that i would be your biggest fan. you're a good writer, photographer, creative spirit, and dreamer. you will shine in everything you do sweet girl. take your time and let it all flow, not to sound ridiculously new agey, but i think good changes are going to come to you! much peace and love.

Robin said...

You are my favorite blogger! Why? Because you are so honest. Your blog has stopped me in my tracks, call my sister and have her read it (And she isn't a fashion blogger...nature, crafy kind) but she is still touched and agrees with what you say. Enjoy your time off and hopfully fall is around the corner :)

Justice Pirate said...

Truth be told, I applaud you. I actually used to live off of 3 shirts and one pair of jeans before I started buying vintage again. I took a 4 year hiatus because I didn't fit in anything after and during pregnancy/labor.
I really don't like materialism so it bothers me where people seem to be so much about it, but you always had more than that from reading your blog and slightly getting to know you. I really think this is a good idea and I look forward to seeing your entries again if you do them, even if every now and then. I would truly love to keep in touch with you if possible. You are one of my all time favourite bloggers. I meant to respond to this yesterday but I hadn't time to do so. It really gets you thinking even more about how little value we should have in things of this world compared to the relationships we make this week especially to me since someone I knew for 16 years killed herself last Sunday. It is not something that I want to be known for alone "the woman who wears all the old vintage clothes" but instead someone of character and virtue. I see you as someone like that. . .you always have a frolicking free spirit about you and I admire it highly.
Sincerely your internet friend,

redheaded guru said...

what a coincedence! haha, yea the bath houses are so beautiful, a post on them would be pretty amazing, i bet lol. i love going down there! and yea, i def need to swing down there and do some thrifting cuz i havent been to any down there!

.Alyspank said...

I think this is a very natural feeling to have. I've only recently started my fashion blog, and can already start to feel the materialist monster rear it's ugly head at me.

What originally attracted me to your blog was that your outfits were not only extremely fashionable, but also wearable. I'm sure a vast majority of us have seen the blogs with stunning outfits... but you read on to find that the blogger only wore certain items for the photograph then changed to be more comfortable and practical. It carries the same effect with me that runway collections do- that massive, fluffed collar looks awesome, but are you going to see someone wearing it on the street? No.

Just be true to yourself. Don't let the idea or fear of a trend bog you down. Fashion is a constantly evolving clockwork that's set in motion by those who tried something different to fit their personality!

Enjoy your break, hopefully inspiration will find you soon.

-Weezy from http://beautysimplistic.blogspot.com

Amber Blue Bird said...

This post is so beautiful because of how honest you are being. I feel the same way about blogging helping me to come out of my shell. As a newbie blogger, I am still in the dreamy phase but I can understand where you are coming from with regard to being too "materialistic." You just have to find a happy medium. Thanks for your post. :)

Maria Confer said...

I've been feeling this more than ever lately and sometimes I think it's going to break me and that will be the end of blogging for me.

The stress and pressure we put on ourselves is crazy. And sometimes I have to question why I do it at all. Yes, I love fashion. Yes, I love blogging. Yes, this is my job. But I'm busting my arse and working non stop and it's really wearing me down.

That's why I decided not to go to NYFW. It would be to costly and Cole and I need a real vacation away from the stress and competition of blogging. While I hope to go someday, this Fall is just not the right time for me.

It's also why I decided to do daily casual outfits on my tumblr. It brings me back down to earth and shows myself and my readers that I'm just me, Maria.

Lot of love to you. Enjoy your break.

Lulu Letty

The Tights that Bind said...

I didn't comment sooner because I really wanted to think about what I said. So much of what your saying sounds exactly like things I say to myself.

I love fashion. I love dressing myself and styling others, seeing how other people wear clothes or make clothes or talk about clothes.

When fashion makes me feel better -- when I buy something I love or wear something amazing -- it's a continuous confidence boost the entire day. But, sometimes, fashion makes me feel worse. Nothing I wear looks right on me. I feel awkward or uncomfortable. I'm not as stylish or as put together or as creative as I was last month. These feelings are hard to shake and make me understand why people give up on fashion.

I hope you continue A Thought is in Blossom. Your blog is one of the ones I turn to when mine just isn't cutting it for me. And, even though it's frustrating, fashion blogging can be incredibly rewarding. You can create something interesting and unique and beautiful. And when nothing else even remotely inspires you to get out of bed in the morning, sometimes that can. Then it's worth it all over again.

Anonymous said...

I totally know what you mean. Sometimes I just take little breaks even if they are just for a couple days from blogging or until I feel motivated again. I hope that your time off will get you through this. I do love your blog and always come back to it for inspiration ^.^

Anonymous said...

Awesome awesome post! I had fun reading some of the other comments left. I started my blog way back in 2007, and it was never to get any "followers" or to promote Etsy or any sort of agenda. Taking pictures of my own fashion was the farthest thing from my mind. I love fashion a lot, and I think it comes naturally to me. I think I have this in common with all fashion bloggers. However, I don't have a job in fashion. So sometimes, outfit photos are not happenin! I still feel that guilt to take photos everyday, because it felt great to see how many comments I got when I did.

basically, I am with you Starr, it's time to take a step back and think about my style, what pieces I need, blogging just because, and enjoying the process! I'd say 80% of the time I do enjoy the process, but getting back to the bottom of things is essential.

Be brave, take as much time as you need! We love you and will be here when you get back!


k r y s t a l l e e said...

i understand! i dont see myself as a materialistic kind of person but with the ways of fashion it can sometimes feel that way. i follow your blog for your beautiful pictures and amazing personal style and i think your blog holds so much more than the fickleness of fashion.

thanks for the lovely reading and inspiration you give x

Rachel said...

I think we all feel this way here and there. Creativity is draining, you have to take the chance to refill your creative well, y'know.
I was glad to read that you're already feeling better.

Desiree said...

I've been thinking about this a lot also. Especially with the change of seasons coming, yet not feeling any relief whatsoever from the heat. Since I've started school I feel like there is much more of a "purpose" to me getting dressed.

I find myself so enamored with so many things this season - beautiful clogs, gorgeous leather jackets, olive green military inspired jackets. And I just keep adding and adding and adding to my shopstyle wishlist. I looked at it the other day and I was completely exasperated by the sheer volume of things on the list. It is frightening, not only because I don't have the money for all of those things at once but also because I don't want to become the person that absolutely must shop all the time.

In the past few months I've been trying to focus a lot more on quality than quantity, which makes it almost harder to make choices about the trendy items. But this is where I landed ... for the trendy things (military inspired, olive green, anything super 'themed') I'm going with the inexpensive choices. As for the more classic pieces (leather jacket, clogs? (maybe?)) I'm going to be willing to spend a little more.

All of this I'm sure you already had in your mind but when I read this post I was a little moved because I've been feeling the EXACT same way and it is kinda scary. And now reading this comment I kinda feel like an ass for posting and entire book in your comments section. Haha, but since I'm done I suppose I'll post! =)