Etsy: Shoes In The Shop


I got all the shoes listed, as promised, and I must admit, I'm head over heels for every single pair. I think the oxfords may be my favorite, mostly because I'm hooked on wearing flat shoes, but even the four inch wooden heels and wedges are something I would think of putting on this fall—darn that fear of looking like a giant. Be sure to check out the etsy store if you see anything you like!


Also, I'm finally ready to let go of this pair of cutout flats too. They're from Forever 21 (size 8), so I didn't want to list them in the shop, but if you're interested, I'm selling them for $10 (that includes shipping). Just shoot me an email: starrcrow@live.com


Justice Pirate said...

I can never find shoes on etsy in my size. :( oh well. hehe. they are all very cute!

blooming_bernice said...

what size are the flats from forever 21?

Casie Jean said...

what a great collection of shoes for your etsy!! I'm sure they will sell out fast!
shall I love you, said the swallow

taylorkitto said...

super cute! oh i feel the same way about all the shoes in my shop as well. they are either suuuuper adorable, but much too small or they are perfect but the heel is too big!

Britty said...

these are soo cute i really like the cowboy boots!