A Blossoming Closet: Want to buy my clothes?

It seems official that I'm blog crazy these days. I've got this, my personal style blog where I record just about every important event and outfit in my life, then there's Cupcakes For The Eyes, my inspiration blog where I collect all the photos, designs, and films that inspire me most. And now, to add to the growing list, there's A Blossoming Closet, a place to sell some of the thrifted pieces that pass through my closet.

I debated starting it at first since I already have an Etsy shop, but I decided it would be a good way to separate a lot of the vintage and non vintage things in my closet. Although there will be a few vintage pieces in the new shop, I'm reserving it mostly for the modern pieces that I no longer want. Who knows if that separation will stay in place, I figure it'll just be the pieces that I bought for myself and not for the shop, however vintage or non vintage they may be.

I plan to add a lot of stuff to it over the next few months—especially after my trip to New York—so be sure to add it to your readers if you're interested in some of the items. I marked everything at affordable prices, and the shipping and handling charges are already added in. If you're an international customer, just email me to get an updated shipping rate!

Also, congratulations to Kat of Purrfect Kat! She's the winner of the Slubird giftcard giveaway. Big thanks to Sarah Louise for hosting that!


Marloes. said...

I love this idea!


Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Haha, I'm planning on doing this myself. Totally bummed that orangy-brown striped blouse sold. I would totally have bought that! Love, A.

Anonymous said...

Love the first shirt too! I guess it just wasn't meant to be, sigh... haha :)

Luchie said...

Oh that's a great idea! I've a lot of vintage dresses that I've never worn before and it becomes trashes in my closet :( I'm thinking to sell it

Little Monarch said...

wahoo i love that brown blouse its beautiful.

S. Bernstein said...

haha this is cool! I just made a shop recently too. I'll be sure to check yours out!