Another Hot Springs Thrift Roundup

Can you believe it's only been a couple days since I announced my shopping ban, and I've already slipped up on a couple items? I'm weak when it comes to the subject of shopping and even worse when it comes to thrifting.

A couple of friends and I took a day trip down to Hot Springs yesterday to pick up a few supplies for some jewelry I'm working on for the shop. I've had a couple of requests for the skeleton key necklace that Katy wore in the Fly Away! collection, so I figured I'd make a few to sell instead of giving up my very own. I meant to ask if anyone else wanted one before I picked up the materials, but it's okay because the thrift store ended up being closed anyway. It was a bummer driving 45 minutes just to find that the thrift store is closed on Monday's, but I guess it all worked out since I forgot to ask if anybody else wanted one! I plan on selling them for $20, so just email me and let me know if you're interested so I can pick up enough supplies. (actionisthefruit@live.com)

The day wasn't a complete fail though. We ate some tasty Mexican food, saw a tiny chipmunk, and visited a lonely highway thrift store. I got this beautiful, sheer tulle skirt for $2 and that amazing Gladstone-style Dooney & Bourke bag for only $18. I think the oxfords came at the best price though. They were in a free shoe box out front! This marks the 5th pair of weaved oxfords that I've owned, but for some reason, I've got a bad habit of wearing them out to quick. Guess it's a good think I keep finding them!
1917 Mounted
This is just a simple, mounted magazine article that was posted in The Ladies Home Journal in 1917. I love that it's all about recycling fabric and showing women how to transform old, dated pieces into new, fashionable ones. Seems like something we're all kind of into now, huh?!

I suspect that this will be the most uninteresting of all my items to you guys, but by now you have to know how much I love magazines from the 50's and 60's. This is a huge set of around 30 Arizona Highway magazines from 1955. I bought them for both Jake and I to use on some art projects!


Rose said...

Oh gosh, you were so lucky to get those lovely shoes for free Starr! And the skirt is so delicate and femanine.


Away with the fairy's said...

Wow what amazing finds! i don't think you can impose a shopping ban on thrifting when its such a rarity to find such amazing things!


Jaymie said...

Your blog is gorgeous, i just stumbled upon it :)

Helen said...

I tried to stick to a shopping ban last month. I lasted about 3 hours :/

Shelby said...

you have the most perfect thrifting lucK!

Le Cerf Noir said...

The tulle is to die for, and the woven oxfords are so pretty. I collage, and these magazines would be heavenly. I need more vintage spreads for my work!

Camilla said...

i like your blog. i love the composition of the skirt and the bag hanging against the white wall. perfect.
milly xxxx

Rachel said...

Hot Springs, I love you, I miss you. I lived in Arkansas for 18months after Hurrican Katrina and it was some of the best thrifting of my life. I won't ask where you live here, but you could email me if you wanted....we could talk Arkie for a sec.
email me here: twigogallery@yahoo.com if you want, not on google, though, I never check it