SHOP DIXI giveaway.

It's giveaway time yet again, and I am so excited one of my readers stands a chance to win this dress from the lovely Shop Dixi. It's called the 'Taylor Blue Dress' (size small), and I'm fairly certain it had me at hello. It reminds me so much of some blue china I remember from my grandmas house when I was a kid bringing up this nostalgic feeling that makes me all giddy inside. The lace details and pretty white polka dots sure don't hurt it either!

And guess what overseas friends...
You get to enter too. :)

To enter:
1. Tell us your favorite item at www.shopdixi.com
2. Follow www.shopdixi.blogspot.com
3. Leave your name and email address

The contest will end next Sunday, May 9th at noon!


Jenni said...

This is kind of tough! I think I'm leaning towards the Jennifer Lilly lace Front Dress.


hannahmay said...

1. my favorite for sure would be the Ivory Short Sleeve Lace Tunic. http://www.shopdixi.com/item_606/Ivory-Short-Sleeve-Lace-Tunic.htm
Too bad it's a medium and has already been sold.
2. following.
3. hannahmay and hmgeorge@uark.edu

Shannon said...

I love the Jennifer Lilly Lace Overlay dress. It's so perfect! I'm also now a follower.


SillyLittleLady said...

Ooh this is a tough one! I really like the Camelia Mocha Floral Dress, but I also like the Peachy Floral Festival Hat!

I am a new follower :)


Moa - En magisk purt... said...

The one she's wearing but otherwise this:

My name do you have and my email is: fem_meter@hotmail.com

Paranoid Android said...

I loved "Delia Polka Tie Waist Dress"
And also this dress!


emily r. said...

I am in love with the Camelia Ivory Floral Dress! Perfect little white slip dress for summer.

emily rozsahegyi emilylime20@gmail.com

melissamilis said...

I love the Jennifer Lilly Lace Overlay dress!
Good luck everyone! x

 Kim said...

Well that's tricky i love everything, the Jennifer Lilly Lace Front Dress is amazing. So is the Leah Spring Sweater and the straw festival bag. I love the giveaway dress. What a lovely site!
- Kim x
- kim.kizz.taylor@gmail.com
- magpieeyesx.blogspot.com

Alison Keddy said...

My favourite is definitely the Jennifer Lilly Lace Front Dress and it seems I'm not alone! The outfit possibilities seem endless.


Patti said...

1. My favorite item would have to be the Darling Navy Dress (but I love so many others)!
2. I'm following with Bloglovin.
3. My email is patti.kovach@gmail.com, name is Patti :)

Laura Gerencser said...

1. http://www.shopdixi.com/item_559/Rosary-Bead-Necklace.html
2. I'm a follower!!!
3. purple banana 1991 at gmail dot com

Justice Pirate said...

don't think i'll be signing up for this one, but it is cute. I hope that the winner will be very happy and blessed feeling!!

I posted photos of the sailor modcloth dress by the way. You wanted to see it, so now I posted it and made sure to let you know.

katia said...

oh wow! the dress you are giving away is so cute! i would love to wear it this summer. another item i love is the Camelia Mocha Floral Dress...i love cute little summer dresses!

i am a blog follower!


Robin said...

I love it when stores have modern and vintage! My favorite item is the tan satchel! It is beautiful

Justice Pirate said...

If you need to go even longer than the 12th, that is fine too. Take your time. I'm not in a rush. Whenever you have the availability (but at the same time don't push it too aside! haha). The 12th would be fine if you want to put a goal out for it.

I totally agree with you about modcloth. Everything is lovely but why can't some of the skirts be knee length?? Not everyone wants to have skirts to their bum cheeks. haha.

Yey for loving shirley Temple.

Not only do the old women smile, but the old men I get more smiles from than the women. haha. That is so sweet to me. Maybe I remind them of their first loves?? I wonder! That's cute.

Marta Castellanos said...

OOO i LOVE IT!!I´m so happy I can come into the giveaway!!
1.My favourite item is the Blue Sweetheart Dress but is sold so I will say another one and is the Polka Bodysuit.
2. I´m following now the dixi blog!!
3. martacastellanosg@gmail.com



Anonymous said...

Eep!!! Amaazing giveaway

1) The blue sweetheart dress and the Jennifer Lilly lace front dress are both killing me right now.

2) done!
and 3) jenny at jennybagel at gmail(dot)com

Thank you Starr!

Hannah said...

Maybe this is cheating, but I truly do think the Taylor Blues Dress is my favorite. How lucky are we that you're giving it away?

Hannah Mueller

M. said...

this shop is so cute! I really love everything but I think my favorite is the Blue Sweetheart Dress, I love little drop waist and the flowlyness of it for spring and summer

lovelove, M.

cmullen said...

1) I love the Jennifer Lilly Lace Front Dress but I also really like the blue sweetheart dress. Both would be so great for the summer!

2) following on my rss feed!

3) Christine

Sydney said...

Woah, great store! Wish i had some extra cash right now! Think I'm in love with the tan satchel as well as the delia dress. looks so comfy for summer!

Sydney Pierce

Rose said...

Yay for giveaways open internaionally :)
I love the Jennifer Lilly lace front dress. And im now follwoing Dixi blog.


Sher said...

my fave item is the Jennifer Lilly Lace Front Dress!

And I'm a new follower of Dixi's blog!


fawn said...

Wow, that is an amazing dress!

I'm following shopdixi. I also like their Camelia Mocha Floral Dress!


(info in profile)

K. said...

1.I like the Navy-Bow-Blouse
3. Karen. Y
- kuziaa [at] yahoo [dot] com

moonshinejunkyard said...

hey i don't usually enter giveaways but that dress is waaaayyy too cute to resist. so...my favorite in their shop is the gorgeous Molly Soft Summer dress, man that would have been perfect for the wedding i went to saturday (her colors were cream and antique pink) and i am currently following and looking back at all their lovely photos!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i LOVE this giveaway! my favorite item from shop dixi is:

and i'm following their blog (thanks for introducing me)!

name: danielle
email: kissparrotkiss@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Great blog for inspiration (Shop Dixi). I think my favorite from the store is the Taylor Blue Dress, which may be cheating, but the truth. Other favorites are: Molly Summer Summer Dress (so feminine and Victorian-inspired), Delia Polka Tie Waist Dress (dots are a weakness), and Tan Satchel (I've been considering buying a satchel for a while - I love the structure)


Anonymous said...

I love love love the midnight one shoulder dress. :)



Anna said...

1. i love the molly soft summer dress!
2. following!


CrystaL* said...

She has so many great things in her shop but I could see myself living in the Molly Soft Summer Dress. So pretty!

Following her blog and your blog!

crystal (at) thehouseofhearts.com

Kali said...

Yippie, open to international readers.

I love the Molly Summer Dress. It´s the perfect spring colour and super sweet.

PS: I am a Follower. ;-)



JBalloon said...

I love the Molly Soft Summer Dress.


Eyeliah said...

The India Lace Bodysuit
I follow eyeliah (at) stylesymmetry (dot) com

muija said...

I'm in love with the Jennifer Lilly Lace Overlay Dress, so beautiful!

am following the blog & here's my contact:
muijamuija (at) gmail (dot) com

HoldingTheDispossessed said...

1. My favourite would be the Jennifer Lilly Lace Front Dress :) http://www.shopdixi.com/item_610/Jennifer-Lilly-Lace-Front-Dress-10-12.htm

2. Following.
3. Sonya Jasmine: sonyajasmine@gmail.com

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

ShopDixi is delicious! There are so many fabulous items on the shop! My favorite item is the Jennifer Lilly Lace Overlay Dress. Too pretty! And, I am now a follower of the blog. My email is debbieykelly@yahoo.com. Thank you!


Lemon Jitters said...

Well, I definitely love the dress for the giveaway. That's what drew me to enter...

1. I like the Jennifer Lilly lace front dress. In fact, if it was a small, I'd buy it right now!
2. Following
3. LemonJitters@gmail.com

M. said...

the Straw Festival Bag is pretty darn cute!
now following :)


AshleyKins said...

I adore the lace button tunic. (:

Anonymous said...

Lovely giveaway! Realy like the dress! I love lots of items from the shop. My favourite will be (in not particular order):
1) White Lace Button Tunic
2) Darling Cream Dress
3) Molly Soft Summer Dress
4) Blue Sweetheart Dress
5) Taylor Blue Dress

Agnieszka Opiola