Vintage: Chic & Fuzzy

I did one of those ridiculous moves again and deleted my outfit photos before I had the chance to show you guys. I guess it happened when I was clearing off my memory cards for yesterdays store shoot; I just feel so bad because I've mentioned that denim romper to you guys for a couple days now. Unfortunately my busy early week schedule is preventing me from getting back to all your wonderful comments and from going out to take anymore photos, but I promise I'll be back to my regular mode again soon.

I'll just show you some of my internet haunts for now.

Maybe it's the Chictopia 'Chic & Fuzzy' contest in the back of my mind, but lately I've been browsing through a lot of vintage pet photos. There's something about them that really brings the most pleasant smile to my face.

demure folk (by Demure Folk)
Kitten on the porch (by anyjazz65)
TLA - ARM (by MacaDamien)
Royal Easter Show, 1935 / by Sam Hood (by State Library of New South Wales collection)
Kangaroo & girls, ca. 1925-ca. 1945 / by Sam Hood (by State Library of New South Wales collection)
Puppy in a lawn chair (by anyjazz65)

Girl with a Dog (by leafy tenement)
Study of a girl with ringlets teaching her dog to sit up, 1930s / by Sam Hood (by State Library of New South Wales collection)
Girl with a white angora rabbit, 1930s / by Sam Hood (by State Library of New South Wales collection)Margaret Shaffhauser with bull terrier dog at the Canine Association Show, 3 Nov 1934 / by Ted Hood (by State Library of New South Wales collection)
Study of a small girl with a prize Scottish terrier dog, c. 1935 / by Sam Hood (by State Library of New South Wales collection)
The rich with their dogs, ca. 1925-ca. 1945 / by Sam Hood (by State Library of New South Wales collection)Soldier’s goodbye & Bobbie the cat, ca. 1939-ca. 1945 / by Sam Hood (by State Library of New South Wales collection)

Aren't they the sweetest. I submitted a picture of me and Monkey to the contest, and we're actually do a pretty good job! If you wanna help us take the cake on this one, just go here and add us as a favorite. Also, if you haven't already, you should join Chictopia. It's a great (non-snoody) community that will really make you feel at home all while bringing you inspiration and confidence. All you have to do is go to 'sign up' near the top right side of the main page. Here's a referral code if your interested: CAZIMI555

Most of the vintage photos came from this and this flickr account, but for any other sources (and more precious pet photos) just hop on over to my tumblr account. My new tumblr background is actually the design I drew up for my soon-to-be-printed business cards!


Rosie said...

I just saw all of these pictures on my tumblr feed. Monkey is just so adorable!

Maria Confer said...

These are incredible Starr. So many gorgeous old photos. Love the little Edwardian girl shaking her finger at the dog on the chair.

Lulu Letty

Anonymous said...

I am really loving old photos lately. I can hardly stand how adorable Monkey is.

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ChYmEc!nDy** said...

Old photos... i love it!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I love vintage photos and these are all too cute! The first one is my favorite, though.

I've said this before, but your kitten is absolutely adorable! :) Good luck in the contest!

Tess said...

Thank you for including mine. :) This is a lovely assortment.

jaclyn said...

what a fun post! thanks for sharing.

BaronessVonVintage said...

these are just TOO adorable!! Thanks for posting!

Sara Lynn said...

I love all of these that you posted! They are soo sweet! The one of you and Monkey rocks too!!

Fabiola "Fab" said...

ooh monkey is sweet!!! lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love wandering around Flickr finding old gems like these. Very lovely!

Justice Pirate said...

Oh goodness these are so gorgeous. I love them all so much.

Q's Daydream said...

aww, I totally have deleted pictures before!
Thanks for sharing these pics though, I adore them! :o)

Mel said...

I love your dress, and Monkey is so adorable! Good luck on the contest!

Wendy said...

I love looking at vintage photos, have such reminiscent quality to them.

Amanda said...

That photo with the little girl and the big poofy dog is so funny! Thanks for posting these :]

Lindsay Jean said...

i love the little boy with the bunny. if only all boys dressed up to play with animals!

hey, i'm late to this game (i avoid the internet on the weekends, and i had a long weekend!), but after reading the Jezebel post, I got to thinking about the role of a blogger, the self esteem issues I've had myself at the hands of the internet, and how you and I (you moreso) fit in to the whole scene.

If the author really feels this way, then focusing her time and energy on being a part of this "world" might not be for her. I can't be on facebook or myspace because of self worth issues that always spawn from it.

Keep doing what you're doing, because you ARE doing such an incredible job. I love you Starr!

Anonymous said...

How cute was that baby kangaroo. Girl you've got great eye , I say that time and time again.

K. said...