My Memphis trip in pictures.

Today I'm thinkin', howza-bout a thorough photo tour of my Memphis trip to make you feel like you were right along side with me the whole way (because we all know that would have made the trip ten times better than it already was).

DAY 1.
Tornado warnings in Arkansas prairie land equals a no bueno combination.
Recommendation: drive faster...

Unless there's an antique shop in town. Then you stop, look around, and take pictures.

Kill as much time as you possibly can gazing at old trucks and abandoned buildings, and if you find a sign that says 'do not enter', you enter anyway and take lots more photos.

Even if it is filled with tornado remnants.

Snap a photo of your pretty sister and your pretty friend.

And ask them to snap a photo (or two) for you too, no matter how silly you look.

When you get to your hotel, check to see if the roof is open. The view is amazing and the feeling, well it's quite exhilarating.

But be careful, this is the 11th floor, and you've still got a show to attend!

When you get to the show, stop at nothing to get the best seat in the house because (trust me) it makes the entire experience that much better.

lead singers foot --> my bag.

Take lots & lots of photos of all the handsome band members even if you do look like a crazy teeny-bopper at an N'Sync show, circa 1999.

And make sure someone's getting a video of your favorite song (thank you, Michael).

Be sure to dance your ass off so that your nice a sweaty by the end.

Just don't go too crazy and throw your bra onstage.

DAY 2.
After you've partied til 3 in the morning with an 11 a.m. check out time, wake up early and grab a bite to eat at a local cafe, then thrift your heart out with some of your dearest friends making sure to pick up lots of goodies for your shop while your there. ;)

Do a little number to a 'do-da-do-da' song by yourself if you feel like it.

Don't plan on just 'looking' through American Apparel when you go in. You know you're weak, and you're destined to splurge.

Both my sister and the worker told me I needed this skirt when I tried it on, and I couldn't disagree, although my wallet felt much differently. Sadly, I left the bow tie behind, but I just couldn't justify spending anymore money than I already had. I was kind of disappointed I had to turn down the job I was offered on spot after hearing about their health benefits and clothing allowance, it's just too far of a drive for a AA retail job.

Finally, when everyone is exhausted and ready for an early bedtime, you make a trip by the Mississippi and enjoy the perfect springtime weather.

Then you end it with a roadtrip home and lots of photos to remember it by.
Hope you had fun riding the photo tour along with me.


Meggstatus said...

This may be weird, but of everything you did I'm so jealous you got to stay in a hotel! I love hotels but haven't stayed at one in years!!!

Other than that small town thrifting is always a productive experience.

Kathryn said...

What a great post! I want to have been on that trip. The first outfit was perfect. I may have to steal the look soon.

M. said...

I love this post, it was so entertaining and it seems like you had a great time! p.s. your smile is beautiful

lovelove, M.

Anonymous said...

Great photo documentary! Looks like you had a blast!!! I love the shots in the abandoned house and the bra onstage LOL And that AA skirt looks perfect on you. Thanks for sharing this!

~ megan
transmission me

Paige said...

what a fantastic trip! you're photos are really cool!

Anonymous said...

I had the greatest time taking this little road trip with you!! This is wonderful writing Starr and it goes without saying that the pictures are magnificent, but I'll say it again: the pictures are wonderful! I love your fearlessness in venturing into tornado wrecked buildings. You find the most amazing abandoned buildings and it sounds like a super fun trip all in all. You and your friends seem like the coolest people in the south!

xo Jenny

Lucy Marmalade said...

This is the best thing ever. How do you always find such incredible abandoned places? I love that final picture--so indicative of how it feels to look back on a road trip. Nostalgia and sunshine and suitcases and whatnot. I must say, I approve of the AA skirt highly. I'm glad you had a good trip!

Fabiola "Fab" said...

Beautiful everything! I want those skirts and hat! Looks like we share something in common! HATS!!!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Wonderful pictures! Makes me want to take a trip there someday! And I agree-that skirt is too cute to pass up!

tess said...

yeasayer is worth it! looks like fun

Manja said...

This is a great photo documentary! I really wish I would live in the South *sigh*
Your outfit is really cute and I love the skirt you bought at American Apparel :)

Rose said...

Oh I love all these photos from your trip, it looks like you all had a really fun time. Your outfits are really lovely and good choice with striped skirt purchase :)


Little Lost Treasures said...

great photos! I especially loved the first 8 pictures. And all of your outfits are just so cute! the striped skirt is gorgeous!

Away with the fairy's said...

Such wonderful pictures! i love your blog so much! :)


Justice Pirate said...

I love the picture of you where you look as though you're doing a boogie woogie type of dance haha.

I loved watching the video!! That song was really great. What is the name of their band (I know you've mentioned it so many times)? I love how they get into their music. I used to go to shows CONSTANTLY when I was 16-23 and when bands would just pretty much sit there, it always made me not really interested in them. When they really loved what they were doing, I really enjoyed them more, so this is what helped me like it, but the music sounds really amazing. I'd love to hear more!!!

Great post, love the photos as always.

Molly said...

woooooah what incredible photos! It felt like watching a movie just to scroll down. Stunning.

and I loved the flower print dress.

The Girl In the Paper Dress said...

You have such a beautiful smile. I thik you should do it in your photos more often.

Erin said...

Want want want your brogues and your candy stripe skirt!

Love love love,



Little Garcon said...

This looked like such an amazing trip! Thank you for the photo trip, I needed the escape.

I can't believe they offered you a job on the spot at AA, that is pretty great! And its true you had to buy that skirt, feel no guilt.


Anonymous said...

what a nice trip it must have been :)

Anonymous said...

Reading this made me feel like I just took a mini trip. Thank you for sharing all the memories & pics. Glad you had fun at the show & success w/ thrifting.

Anonymous said...

Reading this made me feel like I just took a mini trip. Thank you for sharing all the memories & pics. Glad you had fun at the show & success w/ thrifting.

Eyeliah said...

great pictures, thanks for sharing your trip. I see Yeasayer in a couple weeks, ecstatic! I am all about getting to the front for a concert too, thou I usually leave my camera at home to avoid hassle when they are not allowed.

Maria Confer said...

Looks like you had the best time Starr.

Lulu Letty

Ashlee said...

sounds like the prefect roadtrip to me...
especially exploring the abandoned, tornado-stricken house.

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

offered a job on the spot! you lucky gal, you!

looks like a wonderful trip, good thing you took photos of everything!

lanky lizards said...

I hope you had fun in my hometown. ;) It can be an amazing city, especially if you don't listen to the local news. Memphians seem to hate a love/hate relationship with the city. I must say I think it'd be more love for me if I were just a visitor here now & then. ha!