Garden dress, D.G. Fones, & Stun Guns.

I should be zipping up models, looking for good sunshine, and taking lots of photos right now, but last night at 10 o'clock one of my three models canceled for today's shoot. I'm pretty bummed, seeing as those are my favorite days in the whole world, but I went ahead and decided to put the shoot off and wait until next weekend. With this unexpected opening in my day I have lots of extra time to do this post, take more pictures, edit some videos, and go play kickball with my boyfriend. I haven't played in quite sometime so I'm looking forward to the exercise and the possibility of falling on my face!

I went back to the cemetery Friday to get some peace and quite and a few photos of my outfit, and this time I decided to try something new. For now on anytime I go to the Mount Holly cemetery I'm going to take a picture of my favorite monument and do a little research on the person who is buried there. I figured since it's such a historical place and an honor to be buried there, I'd get to know the people who make it so special.

This time I chose Mr. D.G. Fones. He was known for founding a huge hardware business in the center of town in 1865. His brother eventually got in on the business, and they became known as "The Fones Brothers". His old shop is now where Little Rock's main library is located. Who knew?

Also, I wanted to talk on the subject of protection. I never really thought to mention this before, but it's a relevant topic for girls like me who run around all alone with their tripods and expensive cameras. I used to carry this idea that if I were to get attacked while I was out I'd just beat my attacker up with my tripod and run off, and while that's a really nice idea, it's not exactly realistic. My parents gave me this stun gun back at Christmas time, and it's the one thing I always carry with me on my adventures. To be honest, I'd rather just have some mace since you can spray that from a few feet away and the stun gun actually has to make contact, but this is what I have and it makes feel a tad safer. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before or not, but one time I had a man ask to have a picture taken of himself with his motorcycle. While I was chatting with him he proceeded to take a gun out and put it in his bag on his bike. He was harmless, but it was an immediate wake up call that I needed to be more careful. I'm not saying this to scare anyone at all, I'm saying it because I love all you girls and I want you to be ready for something if it ever were to happen.

Find your preferred protection and go out and have fun with you tripods!

Vintage Dress: Estate Sale $15
Shoes: Rachel Comey for UO $75
Tie: Scrap Fabric
Vintage Shirt: Ebay $16


Brittany said...

You single handedly made me want to buy those shoes! And your dress is such a dream! You look absolutely stunning in all of these, especially the last one! Gotta love a big, genuine smile :)

Stacey Smith said...

Love the fit of the dress on you.

Anonymous said...

Love your shoes.

It's so scary to think that people walk (or ride) around with loaded guns. Lucky you weren't hurt.

I bought myself some pepper spray from Amazon when I was in college...I think it was like $11 and well worth it. During my last semester our neighbors noticed a man lurking in the bushes in front of our house supposedly looking in...gives me chills just thinking about it.

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Anonymous said...

such beautiful and inspiring photos.



Q's Daydream said...

I love these pictures and that outfit is perfect! :o)

sharonlei said...

What sweet photos (and outfit). How amazing that your photo location is a cemetary. I think it's kinda neat, even though some might think it's morbid.. but what a beautiful cemetary that is. It's great that you also want to research more about the people there. :) Great that you're protected too! My friend showed me her stun gun (she lives in Vegas), and it terrified me.. Just the noise alone would have be running.. but I'm a scardey cat!! Ha ha. Happy Sunday Star!

xx Love & Aloha

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Miss Tofu said...

Those shoes are gorgeous! <3

And yes, self-defence IS important. Since the city I live in is known to be quiet and safe, girls often get careless, and sexual assaults have happened just outside the campus area. I used to carry around a lightweight metal bo staff (which my flatmate taught me to use) when I walked around alone at night, but I do like the idea of a stun gun... =P

Anonymous said...

the cemetry is beautiful! what a shame about ur day tho', love those shoes! you should smile more often in ur pics! u have a beautiful smile!!!

Anonymous said...

the cemetry is beautiful! what a shame about ur day tho', love those shoes! you should smile more often in ur pics! u have a beautiful smile!!!

tess said...

that cemetery is gorgeous, man am I weird finding them pretty? but I do enjoy exploring cemeteries as a hobby haha

oh man, the guy with the gun is one freaky story. my mom bought me peppper spray when I moved to DC for college last year...I don't have it anymore, but I rarely walk around at night solo. I'm glad you're staying safe and smart now though

Amanda said...

Starr this is a great post for many reasons! I love the flowers and I love your shoes! Plus, I always love learning the history of the important people of a town's past.

And what you say about protection is so true! My dad and Gavin are always telling me to be prepared for things when I'm alone someone, so I always feel a little bit safer knowing that I am prepared. Luckily, I usually take photos in my yard, so I hopefully don't have to worry bout people there!

Rosie said...

What a lovely cemetary! I'm with you 100% on the safety too, I've never even thought about that before!

Anonymous said...

As always, Starr, you look beautiful!!



caramelizedvintage said...

You look lovely! You always look so classic. I just love your shoes :}

And that's scary about the gun thing. I'm glad you are able to protect yourself!

princesspolitico said...

thank you for your "word to the wise" at the end of your blog. because the blog community is so accepting [most of the time...] we forget that others outside still have the ability to harm us.

on to your lovely outfit post... so sorry about your model canceling :( bummer! but at least you got some good photos out of your day off. loving the one with your shoes in the flower bush! i've saved it to my "inspiration folder"... hope you had a great weekend!


Laura Gerencser said...

Love your shoes!!

Justice Pirate said...

Where I live, it sadly is not very safe whatsoever and 5 years ago I took my tripod and went with my very naive dear friend to look for an abandoned hospital that is hidden. After walking around so often I noticed many times that a car kept slowing down and once stopping near us but then continued on because another car drove near. It was then that I noticed we were being stalked (once they passed slowly 5 times) so I ran with my friend to my parked car which was in a business lot (she had no idea what I was doing, with telling her to run so she walked fast. . .ugh) but we waited until they went away because they parked in two lots waiting for us to talk again. It is quite scary when I live right near to a crime infested town (we were walking so near to it). We were covered in what we wore and such, but I think we could have been kidnapped or raped and considering how much I know about human trafficking that I didn't know at all then, I am so glad we were saved by my "street smarts". anyway this post with the stun gun reminded me of it.

I think this outfit of yours is one of my alllll time favourites. It is so gorgeous!!! is that your boy in the one picture? I don't think I've seen what he looked like before so I am sorry if I am slow on this.


Erin said...

First, awesome shoes. Also, I am glad I am not the only one that like cemeteries. I feel less creepy now. And thanks fro the safety reminder as well!

Zoe said...

love the vintagey dress! your too cute! and love the kitten and the pink flower background! great post.


leanne said...

wow! love your dress and shoes... and can't get over the kitty... eep!

Kelley Anne said...

You look fabulous. I love that dress, especially with the little white blouse and scarf. The story about the man with the gun is scarey. I'm always afraid to take photos in public without my husband. Every time I have, I've attracted the attentions of some strange men.

Nico said...

beautiful pictures as always. you're so pretty!

the idea of you attacking someone with your tripod made me laugh ! but in all seriousness, that scares me, and i never thought about it. i'm glad you're okay though :)

BaronessVonVintage said...

love love love your outfit...those shoes!!! I've been meaning to carry something with me on my daily walks in the woods. Although my town is so small that I'm more likely to face a coyote than a male attacker, I've had enough sort of awkward encounters with rather odd people walking out of the bush to warrant the need for something like that gadget. Your story really disturbed me....yikes!

Little Ocean Annie said...

I love that you do research on the people burried in your town! I love to see the dates on old graves, never thought about investigating the person!
Glad you stay safe, lady! And you look especially lovely in that dress!

Anonymous said...

your pictures are so lovely as is your outfit! I love the your new idea on doing a little research at the cemetery when ever you visit. History is fun ^,^
and I also totes love that you carry a stun gun as I do too! haha

Sher said...

The dress is a dream! And I adore these pics taken at the cemetery. I really hope to take some pics at a beautiful cemetery like this too one day!

And that's quite a scary thing you mentioned! Anyway, I hope you stay safe in all your photo taking adventures!


sarah said...

I LOVE this outfit! There is nothing prettier than a sweet jumper and blouse. Your photos are so cute and fun!
And I absolutely agree about protecting yourself - I got a can pepper spray (it lives on my keychain so it's always easy to reach for) last year, and I believe that it may have prevented an attack when I was followed through a parking lot one night. I pulled it out and made it very visible to the guy, and he actually ran off! I shudder to think what might have happened had I not had it with me.

Rose said...

You are very smart to keep something like that with you for safety!
The cemetary is so lovely, we dont have any nice ones like that where I live, they are all cold with no grass or trees.
You look lovely as always!


amanda said...

gorgeous! i get so inspired by your posts. love that dress on you and i love the way you take pictures. gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your models cancelling, what a bummer.. Hope next weekend goes better! Love the dress and shoes. Your photo segments are so inspired.

I recently got in trouble for trespassing, but your adventures make me want to press forward. Maybe I will find some peace at a cemetery too.

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Leproust Vintage said...

Starr!! I have a stun gun too!! haha! Actually, I should probably carry it with me more often. But, it is something to really think about...I know that most of the time I am not really paying attention to my surroundings and am occupied snapping photos...I definitely should be more aware!

I love your new blog layout, and cannot wait to see the shot next weekend!

ChYmEc!nDy** said...

Lovely photos!

SJ said...

the idea of having to protect yourself really scared me - is little rock known for its crime? clearly i'm just a naive sydney girl!

on a happier note, that cemetery looks so peaceful and i love how you've decided to do a bit of research on the people who are buried there.

Deer Prudence said...

You look amazing with the dress and the flower printed bow around your neck!
So lovely.

Fabiola "Fab" said...

oh forgot to mention that want your shoes!! hehe

Fabiola "Fab" said...

Well apparently my first comment did go thru!

Love the dress and how you wear it with the little sweet sleeves underneath and I love the location and photos!!!

Luna : said...

your outfit is so beautiful and i also think you're right, its always better to be a little cautious than sorry!!

Manja said...

We have this beautiful old cemetery here, right across from the house where I used to live. I'd love to take pictures there, sometime, but my tripod is not in its best state of health and I am a little scared of taking pictures on uneven ground.
I really need to go exploring there, sometime, though.

I really adore your dress and shoes - so pretty!

Mousevox Vintage said...

You look beautiful and I hope you didn't fall on your face.

I carry pepper spray with me all the time. I also have a sword in my house that could be pretty scary, I suppose, but I've never thought to use it that way. I do live alone, though.

Maria Confer said...

You look so lovely Starr. I am dying over your beautiful dress and amazing oxfords.

I really like your words of advice. It's always smart to be prepared to protect yourself. I don't usually have to worry about it since I take my pictures in the country with Cole, who is a black belt. So I feel pretty safe, but I should probably carry some pepper spray in purse when I'm alone.


Lulu Letty

Desiree said...

I completely agree with you on this one. It is scary that people have to worry about things like that but it is better to be prepared.

I also looooove those shoes!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I love all of these pictures and that dress has such a pretty shape to it. So pretty! :)