Perfect Imperfections

seagull by anniebee.

life is but a dream by anniebee.

parachute jump by anniebee.

Since school is beating my toosh this week, I thought, what better time to show you some of my favorite photos of the moment? Thanks to all who commented on my photos yesterday. I've been making an extra effort to explore the sights in my neighborhood a lot more with less concern for my outfit and more attention on nature and buildings that have survived throughout history (no worries, I won't abandon outfits all together like I did in the dead prime of winter).

The photos I'm showing today are (WOW) some of the best I've seen from a non professional in a while. They remind me a bit of Ellen Rogers work based on the colors achieved, only rather than using a film camera and extra tricky darkroom techniques, these were taken on Coney Island with a Polaroid camera and a pack of expired film. Can someone say amazing? I mean, look at those colors and all the perfect "imperfections".

All photos by Anniebee.

Okay. I just found out a little bit about Ms. Anniebee thanks to Diane over at Our City Lights. Not only is Annie a really great photographer, but she's also played a big role in something near and dear to my heart: saving Polaroid film! Please check out the Save Polaroid site and contribute what you can to this cause. I don't even want to imagine a world that doesn't have the resources to experience Polaroid pictures.


The Cat and The Cow said...

Wow these are stunning!!!

Hunter said...

Wowza. Somehow, a body can't look at them in passing. They really capture your attention.

Lara said...

Very pretty. I love that these are so textured.

M. said...

these are gorgeous, I love using expired film!

lovelove, M.

Maria Confer said...

I hope school chills for you soon.

These photos are so breathtaking. Love the vintage look and the birds flying.

Lulu Letty

Sara Lynn said...

oh these are great! The last one is my fave. They remind me of something, but I am not sure what.

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hi :)

Simple moments enjoy, effortlessly. I like the second photo, speaks abstract beauty....and also reminds me of how close Spring is! Have a lovely day :)

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hi :)

Simple moments enjoy, effortlessly. I like the second photo, speaks abstract beauty....and also reminds me of how close Spring is! Have a lovely day :)

avalonne said...

Your post title perfectly encapsulates the photography. I love perfection imperfections, flaws can be so beautiful sometimes. I love photography like that. I might just leave my film and let it expire and then photograph with it. It's more raw and genuine.

tess said...

love the blues

Jen said...

a photo is defined by it's imperfections as much as it's lack of imperfections. these are some really gorgeous shots of coney island!! i love the dream-like feel to them :)

Nubiasnonsense said...

Amazing photos, so peaceful

francesca said...

the second photo is beautiful, so simple, yet captures the essence of freedom perfectly.

love them ♥

Michelle said...

its pretty cool because i know these areas well, but the photography is amazing. i really would like to experiment with color dark rooms more.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

These photos make me crave summertime! They're gorgeous. I miss the days when a pack of expired polaroid film was fairly easy to come by while thrifting. :(

Mel said...

These are all lovely! They kind of have that vintage tint to them :)

Diana said...

I love Annie! Does she know you posted these? She is my boss over at the Polaroid Team :)

Twila's Vintage said...

These photos are beautiful..so vintage looking.

Thanks for your nice comment about my sketch. I am kind of self conscience about my drawings cause I havent been in the classes long. What are you getting a degree in?

I am glad that you are exploring more in your neighborhood. Gorgeous scenery. I need to do the same.


Elizabeth said...

these are so beautiful...they make me wish it was summer already :(

Lisa said...

So amazing! It is not the camera that makes the pictures incredible, only the photographer and this is proof.

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Mousevox Vintage said...

these really are incredible. thanks for sharing! xo

Phil said...

A vintage day at the beach! Love the effect of the exposed film… I really enjoy your blog, great posts.
Phil http://mysocalledvidamoderna.blogspot.com/

Gillian Hannah Berry said...

These are beautiful!