Since the cold, rainy weather and my lack of spare time have prevented me from taking any photos lately, I've been living vicariously through my flickr photostream. I find it interesting to look back and see what I've accomplished in a year. You know, goals met, goals forgotten, all those dreams you were gonna make real.

In the fall of '08 I was gung ho about opening a vintage shop. I did a whole lot of buying with constant trips to the Goodwill and Salvation Army here in town. I had this vision where all I wanted to do was style and coordinate editorial type photoshoots with my pretty girlfriends as the models and my talented gay friends as the photographers. For one time and one time only, my vision took form. 4 models, 2 photographers, 1 makeup artist, and me, the stylist. Oh, what a fun day we had.

I had everything so organized. Looks were styled per girl with very close attention to who was wearing what shoes and necklace at what time to make sure nothing interfered. There was a dress rack for the clothes and a pop up tent for changing. We made sure to make it a big 'ta do'.

Here are some of my favorites:

Betsey Johnson dress (looooove)

I was so proud of this pocket. I made it from the hem of the dress using the stripes!

Oh, I miss it.
Perhaps I should do something similar soon. What ya think? Lord knows I got plenty of clothes still hanging on the dress rack ready to go somewhere.

All photos by Cody Henslee & Stephen Forrest.
Models: Kristi Duff, Danielle Green, Hannah Keen, & Diana Portilla
Hair & Makeup: Mollie Booth
Stylist: Moi!


Diane said...

such great photos and fashion! love the blue dress in the second picture!!!

Charlotte. said...

those photos are beautiful!

stephendforrest@gmail.com said...

I want to experiment with ttv again! :) :) :)

Dani-Elle said...

I love the outfits and the pictures.

Great Post!
Dani-Elle from,

M. said...

this is amazing and looks like so much fun! I love the look with the turquoise dress and glasses so so much!

lovelove, M.

Chelsea said...

So amazing! You should totally do more if you can! I have to admit, I really wanted to do something like this. But on a lower scale. There would have been no pop up tent or makeup artist. But alas, all my friends were too tiny and the clothes just swallowed them up!

tess said...

wow great job here, too bad nothing ever happened off of it

Miss Tofu said...

Amazing photoshoot! I esp. love the dress with the gold accents and black ruffled skirt.

Hope it becomes a dream realised in the near future. ^_^

<3 from pretty-preoccupied.blogspot.com

Kelley Anne said...

They're wonderful. I thought at first that they were pulled from an editorial. If you want to, you should start that etsy shop.

Melanie's Randomness said...

That Betsy Johnson dress is beatiful!!!

Maggie said...

Great photos! My favourite outfit is that blue blazer with that black hat. Gorgeous style ;)

Amanda said...

I hear ya, we're getting just as much rain here in Texas.

And I definitely think you should do something similar!! You would probably have an amazing shop full of treasures :]

Sher said...

Wow, these are beautiful editorial-like pics, Starr! Whatever happened to the shop? It should be up and running well based on these pics:)


Django et Coco said...

These are amazing! You did an amazing job at styling; I know I said it before but if only I was a millionaire and could hired you has my personal stylish! :)

-Coco from Our Paper Moon

Rosie said...

DO IT! I triple dog dare you! Ha now you have to! These are so great!

Bree said...

please do this again!

Valencia Lia said...

I love love all these photos girl and all the clothing are really so gorgeous!!

Ohhh my Starr,you have got to start your vintage online store. Yess you have too,you will be just awesome! Ahhhhh,I can't wait now.

That's really good that you and everyone loves the wolf tee. Hey if you ever need more or wolf tees in slightly different designs,just let me know because it's really so affordable!!