Down by the river & diy headbands

I know the weather is kind of a blah topic, but if you don't mind, I've got to talk about it for just minute: Going outside this weekend was way better than the word beautiful and there was no way I was going to miss it. No jacket, no tights, no shivers, no sweat.... it was perfect and without a doubt outfit photo weather!

And because I'm so bored with going alone I decided to call my friend Sieanna to come with me. I knew she would come looking extra cute with her head wrapped up in one of her simple and adorable headbands which she makes from old blankets and dresses, but I had no idea she'd show up wearing a Rodarte for Target piece (which I never got my hands on). I love it! My headband was actually purchased from one of her crazy, artistic beauty school friends who puts out some unbelievable work. Her name is Lakey and way before I thought about wearing vintage clothes, she was buying old prom dresses and ripping them up. She would add tulle and lace and all kinds of fun things without worrying about how perfect it went on (quite the opposite for me, I'm such a perfectionist and I hate it!). And I'm pretty sure Sieanna told me that Lakey's New Year's dress design was featured in a competition that etsy was holding just a few weeks back! I'll try to get some more photos of her work and do a post about her soon because she's definitely someone who could inspire us all.

Now it's off to class for me!

On me:
Vintage Knit Blouse: Mustard Seed Vintage on Etsy $18
Vintage Velvet Skirt: Goodwill $4
Socks: Aerie $15
Boots: Flea Market $20
Vintage Knit Cardigan: Flea Market $20
Vintage Ring: Estate Sale $5
Headband: Made by Lakey
Cameo: Estate Sale $5

On Sieanna:
Military Vest: Forever 21 $28
Skirt: Rodarte for Target $29.50
Boots: Hong Kong Vintage $25
Headband: DIY (velvet hem from old blanket)


joy said...

Sienna is adorable and i love the sheer overlay on her skirt.


Rosie said...

You've got gorgeous eyes, girl! That headband reminds me of a french maid for some reason, very cute!

anja louise verdugo said...

Cute photos! It's funny that we are always talking about the weather, but it affects our wardrobe choices so much, how can we not??

Maria Confer said...

These photos are so gorgeous and I adore both of the headbands.


Lulu Letty

BaronessVonVintage said...

gorgeous cameo headband! Your friend has the best eyebrows!

Becca Joy said...

I love the colours you're wearing, especially the dark floral skirt, that headband is pretty sweet too.

p.s I tagged you in a post, http://theredmagnolia.blogspot.com/2010/01/tagged.html

Mamushka Marie said...

lovely headbands, and i'd kill for your skirt...the two of you are adorable! :)

M. said...

such cute pictures and headbands! You are gorgeous!! Your skirts really cute too!

lovelove, M.

Miss Tofu said...

That headband is stunning! Very baroque! (And this is coming from someone who doesn't normally appreciate vintage when she sees it... XD)

You and Sienna could pass for sisters. ^_^

<3 from pretty-preoccupied.blogspot.com

Marta Castellanos said...

your headband is beautiful and your friend is cute!!That pictures are lovely and I have to confess that I´m a bit jealous...I need warm time in Sevilla again...xoxo

Leproust Vintage said...

You guys both look too cute for words! I just LOVE your headband! Great shots....I am glad you were able to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

Amanda said...

So cute!
The weather here is amazing too! It's supposed to be 70s all week!!

LyddieGal said...

Lovely photos, that cameo headband is adorable, and every time I see that yellow skirt I kick myself for missing out on it!

Django et Coco said...

These are great photo! both of you are so well dress and style! :) cute headband!

-Coco from Our Paper Moon

Giovanna ♥ said...

Gorgeous photos! I love your headbands!

Clare said...

I love the DIY headbands, and this is such a great photoshoot.

Sher said...

You're both so gorgeous, prancing around the riverbank! And the diy headbands are so lovely too, I adore your lacy one with the cameo!! I think these pictures are just perfect:)


Hippie Frou Frou said...

great outfits pretty ladies! love the rockin headbands!!

jess s//

piglet said...

Love both your looks!

Christina said...

Indded the weather seems so fine,I wish it was getting better here too...
The photos are very beautiful,nice colors and you both look very nice!

Kass said...

These photos are so pretty.
I adore both of your headbands!

stephanie renee said...

these pictures are so lovely, perfect lighting! you both look adorable!

fashionist__ahead said...

i love this post...!!!

Chelsea said...

You both look adorably bohemian.

Sidewalk Chalk said...

You both look so beautiful. I adore the cameo brooch on your headband.
- JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

Bug said...

These pics are amazing - reminds me of a Free People catalog. The weather isn't boring especially when it relates to fashion, lol. Love the headbands!!


megara said...

these are gorgeous pics! i want to go down by the bridge. i love the headbands, they look great on you guys!


Miss Woody said...

wonderful head band with a cameo! i'm in love! lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

You both look adorable! I love your headband with the cameo- I wish I could look as pretty in headbands as you two!

Much love,


Melanie's Randomness said...

you guys look so stunning!! I love your cameo headband. =)

Valencia Lia said...

Starr,once again I'm so sorry for being so behind with your blog here. heeee I still blog daily but its so hard to just keep up with everyone's blogs heeee.

Ohhh just to update you,I've tendered at my current job and I'll be ending in a month's time,can't wait yayyyy. Heeee and I'm wearing the velvet blazer you sent me for Christmas today <3

Love love the mini photoshoot you have here. Ohhh,the headbands both of you have on is so gorgeous! I really love your skirt with those boots on and you look beautiful as ever :D

big hugssss