Mod: Twiggy, Mary Quant, and my take on the 60's.

London 1967

Blouse: Goodwill $4
Coat: from the lost & found at work
Skirt: Forever 21 $15
Oxfords: Goodwill $6
Purse: Magpie & Birdie $3

I never have much inspiration when I start a daily quest through my closet. I guess sometimes I may have a certain image or style in the back of my mind but nothing real tangible at first. That usually changes once I get one or two key pieces on. They're almost always in a neutral color (usually involving my oxfords in someway....they're so comfy!) allowing me to add some kind of quirky accessory or added flair at the end without feeling like I went overboard.

Luckily I did a complete overhaul of my closet Thursday night with a total of 8 get-rid-of bags (closet tour soon)! I feel like I can finally think without having to dig through heaping piles of clothes on a search for one shoe. This resolve from clutter is just what I needed to move forward. I can find pieces I want without compromise, and they don't have to be ironed because they were wadded up on the floor!

One of my floor finds and something I've been "missing" for about a month now is that lighter style cotton pea coat I got from the lost and found container at work. It's just a tad small and kinda makes for a funny silhouette (I think it would look better in a size bigger), but it was the exact piece I needed to complete this outfit with a point of view, I guess you could call it, at the end.

London 1967

I'm sure it's no surprise that point of inspiration that finally formed in my head came from the princess of mod herself, Twiggy. Of all my internet searches for pea coats, mod styles, ascot bows and anything else my outfit somewhat imitated, the below images are the only ones that matched, kinda.

Mod: Twiggy & Pea Coat Styles

As my internet searches usually do, this led me to even more searches for mod gals in the 60's and reintroduced me to one of the hippest ladies of the time, Mary Quant. What a lady! One of many young talents responsible for the uber mini skirts and lolita styles that were so risque and fashionable on the London scene in the 60's and for her part in ushering in the whole boutique movement by opening up Bazaar boutique on Kings Road.

Mod: Mary Quant

And I'm really not sure if it's a Quant design or not, but the lace dress on the girl second from the right reminds me so much of the Behnaz Sarafpour for Target dress that I sold on ebay a while back. Both are sort of doily lace with a progression of color ending in black....very similar, no?

Mod: Lace Dresses.


Anonymous said...

love the pleated skirt! going through the closet is painful, but necessary haha

Mamushka Marie said...

very, verrrrry Twiggy-esque. adore the green and your hat! sooo adorable!
your closet experience sounds quite like my own, looking for ONE shoe! or THAT belt! haha...when moving we ended up giving away 5 plastic tubs of my wardrobe, it feels good to have weeded out the madness.

hello lovely said...

i love your outfit! the skirt is perfect! and the jacket is very pretty also!


sarah louise walker said...

Great mix of neutral colours, I love it. I also meant to comment on the post the other day with those wingtip heels you wore- I have a similar pair I've planned on selling but you are making me question doing so. Very stylish, lady.

Sarah Louise

piglet said...

Very cute, love the purse!
Argh I hate closet clean outs, but it's so worth it in the end!

Amanda said...

I hear you about the messy closet...I cleaned mine a few weeks ago and it took me hours to get everything [finally] organized!
Love the inspiration!


caramelizedvintage said...

I love your first outfit; the ascot bow detail with that peacoat is just lovely. Very 60s-Twiggy. And that lace tiered dress looks like a direct imitation!

lancelonie said...

classic fun
Have a great time! :)

Eyeliah said...

yes, you pulled off the inspiration quite well.

Kelley Anne said...

Oh this is great. I love the Twiggy inspiration and the pig tails.

Dylana said...

Your jacket is an amazing piece! I would love to see your closet!


Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

I'm loving that first outfit, the coat is a dream!


Sher said...

You definitely look like you just walked out of a 60s magazine! I love the Twiggy inspired outfit!! I've always loved her eye makeup, I wish I knew how to pull it off:)

And wow, you cleared your 8 bags off your closet!! Am looking forward to the closet tour!


Django et Coco said...
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Django et Coco said...

So lovely! Oh, I like the blog makeover (I did also like very much your previous one!)

Great Inspiration! I love your Outfit!

-Coco From Our Paper Moon

Maria Confer said...

My goodness. You look so lovely. The jacket and skirt are a perfect match.


Taylor Kitto said...

wow wow wow.
you look so lovely!
i love that jacket.
you are s'lovely.

daisy lane said...

You look so lovely!

Maggie said...

I love your skirt in the first picture! And you're absolutely right: the 60s with all those beautiful icons are unforgettable...

Bree said...

beautiful as always! you are my current style icon!

Kiss Me, Nicole. said...

you're wearing such cute oxfords. and I can't believe you actually found them at a Goodwill. I almost never find good shoes at my Goodwill =[

ED said...

Love your outfit and your hair!

Valencia Lia said...

Adore the mix of colors you used and I do love the natural light in all these photos! You look so gorgeous!

And I really love the blazer and the skirt you wore together. So funny you found the blazer at the lost and found area at work. The oxfords do look really comfy.

Ohhhh I love love twiggy so so much too! I need to go thrifting soooo soon <3

princesspolitico said...

the lighting of the second photo is magnificent. your eyes really stand out - you are just GORGEOUS. fabulous mod inspiration...


Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

You look beautiful! My favorite 60s ladies, other than Twiggy, are the French ye-ye girls like Chantal Goya, France Gall and Sylvie Vartan. They are so amazing, as is their music! Annie.