Black + White Pt. 1

After a couple months of dreaming about an all black and white photo shoot with my friend Cody, we were finally able to coordinate some leisure time together. I think I had a lot of inspiration in the back of my mind, but the two things I know had a bit of influence was the photographs from this shoot and all the genius that came from this lady.

For the next few days I will try to entertain you with our progress.


20's Carnival Tap Dancer

20's Carnival Tap Dancer

20's Carnival Tap Dancer

20's Carnival Tap Dancer

20's Carnival Tap Dancer

20's Carnival Tap Dancer
Photos by Cody Henslee

Edwardian Blouse: Stifft Thrift $6
Skirt: Saver's $6
Suspenders: Target $15
Tights: Target $5
Cutout Heels: Rue 21 $30
Boater Hat: Estate Sale $4


Melanie's Randomness said...

Ohhhhh This one is my favorite shoot! I used to dance way back when & we had a jazz dance that was very 1920's & we dressed similar to this. Very Cool dear.

Xisca said...

Wow your look is really fun! lol.
I love the complete outfit.

Django et Coco said...

Wow I love the last picture with your sweet suspender moves, it so good! And those buttons sleeves! Amazing!



Lindsay said...

oh i love this! very old film star. very hedy lamarr!

Diane said...

so cute! i love that blouse!

Eyeliah said...

Great photos! I have been wanting to take some black and white photos out in the world after talking to a friend on Saturday, she likes to chase bees with her camera to get a perfect shot.

stephanie renee said...

great photo shoot! i love the one with your hands on your hips, you look like a model!

lancelonie said...

Classic lady! love the poses! :)
A hat for just 4 bucks? Awesome! Where have you been going to get all those neat stuff? :)

piglet said...

So cute! I can totally see your influences coming through in the photos.

Corinna said...

wow, the photos look great!
i love the blouse you're wearing

Anonymous said...

I love black and white photos! You look too cute, Miss Starr!


My Passport to Style said...

Hi loving your black and white shoot! So chaplin, you look fab as usual! Sharon xxoo

Amanda said...

I love these photos! Your outfit looks so fun and fabulous!

The Daily Fashionista said...

This looks great. What a fun shoot this must've been.

Dylana said...

These shots are gorgeous! That skirt is fantastic! I love its fullness!


Kass said...

All these shots are pretty, but i think the last one is the best,
You outfit is perfect for the black and white photo feel!

Sher said...

Whenever I see your pictures, I feel like you belong in another world! And I wish I'm in that world! The pictures are so beautiful and your blouse and skirt, oh everything is just perfect and lovely:)

Leproust Vintage said...

Starr! These look like true vintage photos....they are so gorgeous!

Maria Confer said...

Such stunning photos. They have such a gorgeous vintage vibe.


Anonymous said...

i love this.

Marta Castellanos said...

I absolutly love this!!!I want to see more!!xoxo,


Every Little Counts said...

that blouse is to die for. $6?! i want to cry i love it so much!

Kennedy said...

that hat! these pictures! love it!

The Owl's Closet said...

love, love these black and white shots! awesome outfit! omg, i love ur edwardian style blouse!!


Valencia Lia said...

I'm soooo sorr I've not been keeping up for 2 days. Ahaha workload in the office was terrible the past days. heeee

Love love this series of photo shoot that you're doing. I always love black and white photos best,next to the normal taken photos!

And your friend did an awesome job! You look so stunning too!Love the softness of your blouse with those sleeves and your skirt too:)

Suspenders in this outfit worked out so well too<3 Ohhhh,I'm of course getting the wolf tee for both of you! heeee And I'm adding a few extras for you too. Will be emailing you shortly on this.

big hugsssss