Vintage slips worn as dresses?
I think yes. But only if you have a better skirt slip than me.





Vintage Slip: A gift from my sister
(From Rerun Vintage in Kansas City $20)
Socks: Target $5
Oxfords: Rachel Comey for U.O. $75
Pearls:: Yard Sale $1
Tulle Skirt: Estate Sale $1


Tree Castles said...

did you know that you inspire me so much? your kind words always warm my heart and inspire me to write more. i am so grateful to you. thank you so much.
and you also inspire me to try to wear as magically as you. these photos are lovely. the sun is beautifully kissing your hair. and the dress is gorgeous. a daydreamer, indeed. it reminds me of dear cecilia lisbon. <3
you have such lovely finds, and at remarkable prices, too!!!

Claradevi said...

wow, this is wonderful starr!!
but I think its because YOU're the one who's wearing it :))
miss you!

WalkTheSand said...

That is beautiful. Another fabulous find!



Sher said...

Oh my, this post is so beautiful! You look absolutely pretty in that vintage slip with the sunlight in your hair!! The pictures are lovely, dear, I can't wait for your next post:)

FrivolousFlapper said...


VintageFrantic said...

Amazing! love the fairytail-ish style of the slip, you totally made it work, as you always do!

Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

I loveeeeee this! This slip dress is just amazing! You look fab! :)


Ljubica said...

beautiful slip dress!! you look amazing and you have a very nice sister!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh you can totally wear it as a dress. I love the last photo of you! You look so pretty with the sun streaming behind ya! I need to do more vintage shopping, STAT!

Aww thank you for your last comment. You made me laugh about the lines. Thanks for the advice hun. I hope you have a good weekend!!! =)

Posh said...

Wow, the dress is so cute!!

Marta Castellanos said...

I love this!!!It´s beautiful!xoxo,


.mackie said...

the slip is beautiful! the title of the blog really fits the slip/dress, it is very dream-like =)

Dylana said...

That slip is gorgeous! It is like a ballet dancers! Love it so much!


Natalie said...

that is THE cutest slip i've ever seen. love the lace top!! :)



Anonymous said...

you have such an inspiring blog, and such delicate outfits. I wish i had more clothes like this♥
I've found that your blog is really quite extraordinary♥
hugs & hugs
xx olivia

Valencia Lia said...

Wow wow wow ! This is such a lovely slip drss,so gorgeous:)

Okay,I don't have any nice slip dress. I'm envious of yours. Going to hunt a nice one tooooo heeeee. Beautiful pearls to go along!

Beautifully taken photos too. Awww man,that's bad on those spam emails.
Okay,I'll give you a huge shoutout here and on my blog if you win<3 <3

Fingers crossed!

Mamushka Marie said...

vintage slips as dresses - ALWAYS! you look sensational...so light and dreamy!

loni said...

Such a lovely dress!!

idée_géniale said...

Very gorgeous! That's such an interesting slip! I've tried to wear slips as dresses before but feel too naked. Maybe next summer...

Noelle Chantal said...

you look beautiful! very vintage chic looking lady. yes, you look so dreamy in this outfit. will def wear something like this! great pieces! :)

Andrea said...

i'm in love with your blog, so glad i stumbled upon your site from weardrobe. much love, xo.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

That slip is so pretty; romantic!

Diana said...

ah i wore vintage slips to all my high school dances, but this one is so cute!

btw, i see london, i see france ;)

Valeriesoh said...

Omg.... I love your vintage slip it looks oooooo dreamy with your dramatic make-up!!! heehee.. love itttttttttttt

Maggie said...

Oh my god, your dress is amazing and so romantic. Love love love it!!

daisy lane said...

your look lovely! all of your things are so cheap!

The Owl's Closet said...

i love this! also love the romantic feel to these pics.


Missa said...

Gorgeous light to these shots!

Anonymous said...