Vintage Minnie Mouse & Home Sweet Home

Although my blogging skills feel quite rusty after a week long retreat to my Mimi's house, I'm gonna attempt to get back in the groove of things and type a wee little post. I certainly have missed you girls and all of your lovely blogs, but I have to say, it was surprisingly refreshing to let go of the computer for a bit. Don't get me wrong, I think this community is one of the best things that's ever happened to me, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in it that I forget to notice all the beautiful things around me.

In my technology-free (iphone excluded) week I feel like I've absorbed a lifetime of inspiration. I interviewed my grandmother about her family and their experiences during major American events such as the Civil War, the roaring twenties, the depression and the second world war, and I took tons of pictures of her old family photographs. Although she's eighty-three and getting weaker, she's still sharp as a whip and full of detailed stories dating all the way back to the early thirties. Being the history geek that I am I'm absolutely fascinated by her journey, and I'm just itching to share it with you all! Right now it's all a jumble, but once I get all settled in and rested up I'll be able to establish some sort of a timeline.

Aside from asking my grandmother far more questions than she could have ever imagined, I also squeezed in quite a bit of thrift time while I was gone.

After picking up a vintage red dress at Saver's a month back in Arkansas, I was kind of on a wild hunt for some Mickey Mouse ears to make the perfect Minnie Mouse Halloween costume. Although I wasn't able to find any ears, my sister did find an adorable Mickey Mouse cap to complete the look. Sure enough, I did it, the Halloween costume of my dreams, vintage and everything....but now it seems like I'll probably have to work. No parties, no trick or treating and no playing dress up for me in 2009.

Tragic, huh?
Since I have no need for it now, I figured I'd put the costume up for sell in my etsy shop in hopes that one of you could do her justice. Someone find her a Mickey, would ya?


Valencia Lia said...

Girl !! You're back ! I've missed you so much :)

Glad you enjoyed your trip and such a meaningful one with all those stories from your grandmother<3
I would love to hear them tooo<3

And the dress and the mickey mouse hat is just the perfect halloween costume !! Even though i'm not celebrating,I would wear them !
Really loving the dress so so much !

Sadly,I'm on a shopping ban. Urghhhh

Mairyliscious said...

so cuteeeeeee

Dylana said...

This is so cute! Love it!


Kass said...

Aw, too bad you will have to work, that costume is adorable.

I'm glad you enjoyed your grandma's stories. It is always fascinating to hear stories from way back when, and to imagine how different things were back then.

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! I am so glad you are back, I missed you!

Adorable dress! I wish I didn't already have my costume- that minnie hat is just too cute!


Diana said...

I love this costume.
I have a disneyland pass, and i would have loved to dress up as vintage minnie.

getting back to blogging is so hard, but glad to have you back!

eithlinn said...

Too bad that you can't go to a party on Halloween!

Looking forward for your stories from your grandma too!

Ashlee said...

you are a completely adorable Minnie, too bad you won't get the chance to wear her.

grandmother stories are my very favorite.

piglet said...

Aww that costume is too cute! So sad you won't be able to wear it.

Valencia Lia said...

Re:Yeaaa,do head down to Topshop for their tights. The quality is not that bad :)

I did searched at thrift stores too but no luck !

Britty said...

you look so cute

Julia said...

very very very very very very very very cute!

Mamushka Marie said...

your costume is so perfect, well done, bummer that you won't get to wear it this year! my guy and i always plan on dressing up, but end up bailing last second for lack of planning, i usually end up going as Pocahontas or a cat. sooo lame compared to your Minnie!
i love that you interviewed your grandmother (?) too, she sounds so sweet! my father is really into geneology so i know practically every story there is to know about my family...but i still love going through all the old pictures...
anyway, good to have you back!