You pick what you get, GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello, hello...hope everyone is having a stellar Saturday,
mine has been W O N D E R F U L.
Even though I went out to Cool Shoes dance party last night and drank enough to feel like complete crap during the night, I decided to get up and go estate sale shopping this morning anyway.

Oh boy, oh boy... so thankful that I did.
Despite the fact that I may have missed some amazing finds earlier in the week, I love Saturday sales because the crowds are smaller and the discounts are larger! Of the two sales that I went to, one had discounts of 90% (everything HAD to go) and the other was doing 50% off! Needless to say, I walked away with a bundle!
I bought 28 items at a grand total of $35.30.

because I'm in such a great mood from all this luck, I've decided to do my very first

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me which item shown below is your favorite. I will draw a winner next Saturday and if you win you will receive the item that you picked! The ONLY thing that I just can't give away is that sweet, sweet 40's velvet hat with veil...I've been looking for one of those for waaaay too long to let it go!
(Don't forget to leave your email address!)

My look for the sales:

Tee & Boots: Forever 21
Skirt: Salvation Army

Now on to the sweet goods.
Sweet things to wear...

Vintage Hats

Vintage Frames

Vintage Hair Comb w/ Velvet Bow

Vintage Gloves

Vintage Cameo Brooch

Vintage Cat Frame Glasses w/ Case

Sweet things to be hemmed...

Vintage Overall Dress (Size M)

Vintage Colorblock Dress (Size M)

Vintage Skirt (Size M)

Sweet things to wear over (and under) clothes...

Vintage Apron (does have stains)

Vintage Flower Smock (does have stains)

Vintage Tulle Underskirt

Sweet things to doll up the house...

Vintage Silhouette Transfer

Vintage Victorian Mansion Print

Vintage Horse & Carriage Mailbox

Vintage Jim Beam Whistler Mother Bottle
Vintage Jim Beam Georg Gisze Bottle

Vintage Lover Poster

Vintage Cardboard Flower Print

Vintage Mini Wall Art

Sweet inspiration...

Vintage American Heritage SAILOR Book

Vintage American Heritage BIKES Book

Vintage Playboy Poster (it's a rabbit dandy!)

Vintage Nancy Drexel Sun Flare Movie Poster
Vintage Sally Eilers "Disorderly Conduct" Military Movie Poster

I can't wait to see what everyone picks! :)


idée_géniale said...

Well If you're keeping the velvet hat, I'd take the other one! Then we can be twinsies. K?

idée_géniale said...

Oh and I have an outfit so similar to this one it's kinda scary..I think that's what made me thing of us looking like twins.

Blair said...

We can pick anything?
Gosh, definitely the vintage victorian mansion print. It's divine!


Samantha said...

Vintage gloves! I'm in serious need of adorable gloves, it's so chilly!
I hope I win!! :)

Tree Castles said...

Dearie, I just found your blog. and it's beautifully vintage and divine. And I am so lucky to have read your post about this giveaway. Now how exciting is that?! :)
I think the vintage tulle underskirt is JUST adorable.

Vamoose said...

oh my gosh you are one generous (yet cruel for making us choose) lady!
my favourite is the tulle underskirt but everything is wonderful.

Corinna said...

is this open for all over the world? i hope so ;)
my favourite is the colourful skirt :)

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

Yep, it's open to everyone! :)

Melanie's Randomness said...

The vintage cameo brooch is just beautiful!! I just found your blog and you have style!! I go to alot of thrift stores & Antique stores and it's soo hard to find a great cameo. =) GOOD LUCK with the giveaway!!!

briannelee said...

WOW! You did really well. I def need to start going to Estate Sales.

My fav is the vintage tulle underskirt. I hope I win :)

anishap said...


I just came across your blog today, and I'm glad to say that I did. Estate sales remind me of when I was a little girl. My dad would always take us to them on Sundays. You managed to pick up some amazing goodies, but out of all of them I really like the vintage love poster.

Note to self: find estate sale to go to today.

Have a lovely day

Christine said...

just discovered your blog today. one word: enchanting.

the vintage tulle underskirt is definitely my favorite.

Madison said...

I quite enjoy the brooch :)
Such a lovely selection of finds.

Brittany said...

I love the Vintage Skirt (Size M)!!!
SO ADORABLE and perfect with black tights for winter!

Email address: brittanyjeromeyo@yahoo.com

Kristine Plata said...

Oh wow! How generous:)
I would love to have that vintage lover poster.
I've been looking for the same one for a while.
It has so much sentimental value to me.

Thank you oh so very much,

Garrett said...

i know a girl named garrett who would kill for that overall dress, but rather than face charges of homicide i'd probz just give it to my sweet heather.

Scott Strickland said...

Okay of course I love everything! But I'm totally going for the lover poster. Yay fun. I need to do some estate sale shopping; I need a chest of drawers for the baby room (This is Janna of course; email's under Scott)

Kirin McCrory said...

Would LOVE those vintage frames. I've been looking for a pair similar to those tortoise shell ones for forEVER.


Intrinsically Florrie said...

Wow- 28 items for $35.30!! Gosh you found must have found some good bargains.
So many pretty items :) I love the Vintage Hair Comb w/ Velvet Bow. It's beautiful.

Florrie x

Maria Confer said...

What an awesome giveaway!! So many gorgeous things. Since I'm four eyes, I want the pair of vintage frames. They're awesome.


Angelina Rae said...

I have just had the pleasure of stumbling upon your lovely blog. Your finds are absolutely amazing and your luck is quite astounding.
The victorian mansion print is very quaint, the vintage playboy poster is, as you said, quite dandy and the movie posters are charming. I would be fortunate to possess any of them...

Have a delightful evening.

Hana said...

You've got some great finds here lady! The tortoise shell vintage frames are especially gorgeous! Pretty please?

S.Elisabeth said...

this is really hard! I love everything. But if I won i'd pick the vintage brooch!
And ha i never knew that quote wasn't from Boy Meets World...

a fashion mess said...

i love the vintage tulle underskirt. its completely amazing! there are so many different ways you could wear it, and ive been looking for one for a while.

Mairyliscious said...

you are amazing !!!
i love the bottles of jim beam and the vintage hats and bows !!!

meghan said...

i love the tiered denim overall dress. you got so many good finds! I would probably hem it a bit. I have been looking for non farmer-esque overalls for a while now and yours are terrific!!

Anonymous said...

vintage lovers poster.
ooh la la =)

thank you so much for doing this!
great finds (:

maria said...

The Vintage Cameo Brooch! I've been searching for one forever and yours is GORGEOUS!! LOVE your blog and fashion! It gives me so much inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Vintage skirt

It is sooo cute

you are the bomb for doing this =)

Mairyliscious said...

so happy to know you too my name is Maria !
your blog is amazing and the way you dress is fantastic ! i was showing your blog to my mum you are fabulous welldone !!! thanks for commenting ! we will keep contact have a great week !!!

iris said...

its so hard to choose!
but i'm going to choose the Vintage Gloves

iris said...

oops i forgot my email: its iris.palma@sbcglobal.net

Frances Baker said...

I can't believe your amazing finds! So lucky! My favourite would have to be the flower smock.

Eliza said...

Hello dear! :) Thank you ever so much for the lovely comment. This is a wonderful giveaway, and it was oh so hard to choose! I love the Victorian Mansion print, it's so amazing.

My e-mail is fairy_lizz@hotmail.com

much love <3

Leproust Vintage said...

What an amazing giveaway! First of all, I can't believe you were able to muster enough energy to go estate sale shopping after a night of drinking...wine is always my demise for productivity! :)

I LOVE the vintage brooch! BTW...I was catching up on your blog; you look so lovely in the previous post, with your gorgeous outfit!

Khanh said...

Looks like I'm not the only one who stumbled upon your blog today :) Congrats on the amazing finds!

The tulle underskirt, for sure!

Andi B. Goode said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. Those glasses sure are lovely but I would have to say my favourite is the little haircomb with the flowers and velvet bow.
-Andi x

myedit said...

So, you would make my day (possibly week too! ) if I win this. I love a lot of your estated (not a word...) loot but my head is spinning with possibilities for the tulle underskirt or the flower and velvet bow head piece!!! Beautiful!

Dar said...

you're sweet to offer up your finds!

I've been looking for a tulle underskirt forever, although the mansion print is pretty October-y! love both.


Missa said...

Wow so many awesome finds! I lovety love the overall dress!

Delightfully Tacky said...

Mmmm, I love the colorful skirt!

Sarah Jane said...

Wow what a bonanza of choices! The sweet cameo is my pick! I had my eye out for one that for quite a while! xo

fang said...

WOW. def the vintage horse and carriage mailbox. just because it is a...vintage horse and carriage mailbox! needs no further explanation (:


LandGirlontheHomeFront said...

amazing finds. I'm in love with that overall dress...

Anonymous said...

that vintage colorblock dress! my god! polylester is GREAT for fall, and that little number could stop traffic, ice patches or not.

great finds! i'm so jealous!

also, guess what? I FINISHED YOUR BOW! email me your address so i can get it sent out this week!

K. said...

Great blog. The vintage cat eye glasses are my fav hands down. I'm aching for them and if I don't win I might have to search for a pair of my own.


Michelle said...

Wow, I went to Cazimi and was sad that the blog had closed down, but excited that you had started a new blog! Congratulations!

I love the vintage overalls dress. It's the right combo of manly and girly!

Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

parishener at yahoo dot com

Phyllis said...

oh my gosh these finds are sooo legit!! if i had to choose just one though, itd be the tulle underskirt,, mmyes =)


Anna said...

I love the vintage silhouette transfer. Oh and p.s. the vintage heritage sailor book, too. But I really want the transfer :D.
Love all the awesome stuff you picked up, and your blog is fantastic!

Claradevi said...

Ah! Let me join :)

It's so hard to pick any favorite one. Everything about vintage items is always look beautiful for me... But If I really have to choose one, I will pick the little cameo brooch! I never have any cameo gems and never really see any vintage cameo with my own eyes. There's no such thing you can find around here, or in any thrift stores ans antiques shops i've ever visited. So I will die for any cameo I find, moreover when its offered for free! LOL :P

But if i'm not winning anything, then I hope it will goes to someone who will take a good care of it! And you've been always nice and kind to me so I won't ask anything more :)

_nina_malvada_ said...

so many things! can't decide wich is more adorable..

i really loved the hats...and the glasses..so so retro..

nice outfit btw.. :)

cait harri said...

I'm in love with the victorian mansion print!

little me. said...

I just found your blog and I absolutely love it!
Then i noticed you had a giveaway, I thought. Hey, why not enter? So yes, I rather like the Vintage Cameo Brooch. It's so beautiful, I though it is the one for me, out of all of those gorgeous things. xxx


DalenaVintage said...

Mmmm...That's a tough one. But because I want new glasses, I'm eyeing the vintage frames!


Anonymous said...

Super Great Giveaway!! I love all the items, but my favorite is the Vintage Apron. It is so darling! :)


Kass said...

i love those vintage cat eye frames! <3

Kass said...

my e-mail address is imkass64@gmail.com :)

lidia said...

i DIE!! for the first picture of vintage frames. really, id love any of it!! i want to win! :] haha i never win anything.

Valencia Lia said...

Ohhh my,you're so sweet to do such a giveaway :))

Its really so hard for me to choose,all these things are so lovely.
But if I really had to choose one,hmmmm

It would have to be Vintage Hair Comb w/ Velvet Bow. Really so beautiful and a nice touch to any outfit .


ana b. said...

Oh! Have I missed this?! Hopefully not :( Vintage Victorian Mansion print all. the. way!