Victorians & Flapper Ladies

A modern day artist who paints gorgeous illustrations of
flappers doing the Charleston??
Yes, pleasssse!

I just found Charlotte's web(site) today, and I'm sooo IN LOVE with here work. Kinda spooky, sometimes wicked, and always pretty, Charlotte's drawings are inspired by women and fashion in the 1920's all the way through to the 1950's with the occasional Tim Burton-esque Victorian girls in there too. I was so excited when I read that Aubrey Beardsley was one of her biggest influences since he keeps coming up in my book, The Eighteen Nineties. He was only around on the art scene for about a decade before dying of tuberculosis in his late twenties, but his work was phenomenal and has proved to live on long after his passing.

Yay for young artists and their predecessors!

For prints or brooches, visit Cserpent Art.


Diana said...

These are adorable. I think I'm in love with them, too.

eithlinn said...

Nice illustrations! Thanks for sharing!

Claradevi said...

They're so quaint and whimsical!
Starr, you always find the most beautiful thing ever.
And thank you so much for the encouragement you left for me on my latest post... Wish I can tell you everything! <3

Marta Castellanos said...

I love them, there is something dark mixed with glamour, girly...i don´t know, i think i couldn´t explain neither in spanish. Thank you for show them!xx